I’m back!IMG_5791 Haven’t been here in while, but I’ve started to miss it.  You’ll notice the new name: My Cottage Home.  It’s still a place where I might update on the life & times of our family, but the focus will be on our cottage home.  I’ve posted many of my projects and designs here over the years, but now I hope to make DIY projects for the home the personality of the blog.

After sixteen years in our sweet 100-plus year old home, we are on the move.  With one kid in college and the others at 15 and 12, we don’t need as much house anymore. We want to simplify.  It feels good. We have purchased the home that I spent many years of my life in.  My parents built the house when I was in high school and now my family will make our home there. My old bedroom will be my daughter’s.  Love.

IMG_5802IMG_5625Love, but want to maIMG_3398ke it our home.  They have been so good to this house.  Built it, remodeled it, and cared so well for it.  I’m just going to put our stamp on it.  I love stories.  I have a degree in English and love history.  Every home tells a story and the pieces in it should reflect that narrative.  I treasure what has age, patina, and is a little rough around the edges (with a little new & shiny thrown in for good measure). My great grandmother’s buffet and table revived with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, or an old window that may have once framed a view of white shirts drying on a backyard clothesline. I want my home to tell a story of purpose.  Of place.  Of comfort and coziness.

To be honest, it feels a bit trivial to do another blog about home makeover ideas.  I know they are a dime a dozen.  But with all the noise, chaos, and sadness in the world, home is sacred. It’s the place I meet the needs of my family. Where we laugh, break bread, argue, cry, rest, regroup.  It’s where we are most real.  My projects won’t be rocket science and my vision won’t be ground breaking, but I’d love to have you visit. You’re always welcome.


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