Traveling home from a basketball tournament we listened for the first time to the new Steven Curtis Chapman cd. Wow. He says in these songs what we have felt over these 11 1/2 years since Abby died. The questions are honest and the hope is real. The tears still come. Sometimes we just realize how big the hole in our hearts & family still is. It also reminds us again how much bigger He is – choosing to cling to His promises is something we have to do over & over again.

One year ago to this exact weekend we were in the place where we thought we would be moving after Rob was laid off. This time we were there to play basketball (and Nate’s team was 3-0 for the tournament!), but last year it was full of uncertainty for our future. We were begging Him to give us clarity and remind us that we were going to be alright. In one year’s time we have seen God’s faithfulness to us in ways that are truly “above all we could ask or think.” He continues to hold us, and His grace is so amazing.


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