I have been in a Fall-cooking mood lately.  I am using my crockpot again for soups, chili, roasts, even dessert!  I bought a smaller one so that if I wanted to make the main dish in the biggie I could make dessert in it.  I have done it once, and it turned out awesome!  I found a  recipe for Brownie Bottoms (not exactly the most appetizing name) 🙂 that I have made 2 or 3 times now.  It is gooey and so good!

I am also hooked on making caramel.  The kids and I wanted to dip apples a couple of weeks ago.  With some of the leftover caramel, I made individual candies like Ina Garten has done on Barefoot Contessa. They are salty/sweet and it’s hard to eat just one or two!  I feel like Goldie Locks:  my first batch was too soft, second batch was too hard, and I have one cooling that I hope comes out just right.  These are so good!

I love cooking comfort food in the fall & winter!


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