My Grandpa Canada passed away early Friday morning. We will miss him, but we are grateful for the long life God granted him.

The primary memory for me of my grandpa will always be of him working in his garden. It covered his entire backyard and over the years produced the best tomatoes, purple-hull peas, squash, and many other things. He liked to try different things some years like peanuts, watermelons, and beautiful sunflowers with heads as big as plates.

Grandpa belonged to what has been referred to as “the greatest generation.” He suffered through the Great Depression, fought in World War II (Battle of the Bulge & Normandy campaign), and worked hard to provide for my dad and his two brothers. I am grateful that in recent days my children have been able to hear Grandpa’s memories of his life. The pictures of my kids in the garden with him were taken just a few weeks ago.

Grandpa leaves a legacy of three sons who are men of great character and integrity. He was not a perfect man, but he knew the only perfect man that ever lived. I know I will see him again.


3 thoughts on “Grandpa

  1. Stacey,
    I am sorry to hear about your Grandpa Canada. It sounds like you will have some sweet memories of him. What a blessing for your children to have been able to spend time with their great grandpa doing what he loved. The pictures will just be priceless.

  2. This is so precious, good memories and a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. Love you and will be praying for yall.

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