IAusten Tea am elated and even a little astonished that Betsy loves Jane Austen at her young age. I didn’t discover her until I was much older. She loves to watch the movies with me and can tell you all about the characters and stories. Daddy is out of town right now and Betsy has been sleeping with me. Last night we watched “Sense and Sensibility” and today are watching her favorite, “Emma.” We made cinnamon rolls and tea in Austen’s honor this morning, and spread out a family quilt to have our own little picnic in my room, pretending it to be the beautiful English countryside :). Today is a rainy one here, so it is the perfect day for our fun. I love making these memories with my sweet girl!


3 thoughts on “Tea with Jane Austen

  1. It is so sweet, that she loves watching these with you. I didn’t discover Austen until just a few years ago. I wish so much, that in high school, these books had been offered in my literature class.

    You’re such a good mom! She is so blessed to have these special times with you!

  2. That is sweet, Becky. I didn’t really discover her until college as an English major, either. It does thrill me that she wants to share in the things that I enjoy. As for being such a good mom, I’m not! I feel like a failure on a regular basis and pray for God’s grace & wisdom to do it right.

  3. Hey, just thinking that you should add a recipes section to your blog, things that you cook and we love. You could be another fat contessa- your not fat girl you is phat-ha!!( it is 4 or5 am, cut me someslack, ok.

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