A little surprise for Robbie for Father’s Day.  I frequent the blog by Steven Curtis Chapman’s manager.  Recently, he posted that they were working on a photo montage to go along with the “Cinderella” song.  Be paying close attention around 3:10 of the video 🙂


8 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, Robbie

  1. Ok, crying and I am not even out of my pajamas yet!!!! That is sooooooooooo great Stacey! Robbie will love it! You are such a thoughtful wife and you have given him something he can cherish forever!!!! Awesome! Love you and I can’t wait to hear what is reacation is when he gets it on Father’s Day! See ya tonight!


  2. How absolutely awesome….he will love it! I can not listen to that song………….it just makes me cry….. (Sigh)

    I hope he has a great Father’s Day…maybe you can help me with jeff’s present next year!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the information, I’m an Apple geek at heart so I’ll think I’ll be buying iPhone’s for the next while!

  4. What a great gift for such a wonder ful Dad !!! I bet he cried when he saw that video. What a sweet and thoughtful wife you are .

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