Patio Day 2Every now and then when one of the kids asks, “Where are we eating tonight?” Robbie’s response is, “The Johnson Cafe.”  I cook almost every night and we only eat out 1-2 times a week, usually on the weekends.  I have been working on my patio and trying to make it look like my own little outdoor bistro, so I guess I could call it The Johnson Cafe!   Last year I bought an old dining table at a goodwill-type place.  I painted it with outdoor paint and my neighbor drilled a hole in the center for my umbrella.  The bench is from a thick piece of wood on top of concrete planters.  I know it’s not all “matchy-matchy” and that’s the way I like it.

My Bunko group played at my house recently and we ate outside – it was really nice.  Most mornings lately I take my coffee out there and spend some time alone before the kids are awake.  I plug up my little fountain and just have some quiet moments before the noise starts – I really like that time!

Patio Day 1

Patio Night 2

Patio Night 3


14 thoughts on “The Johnson Cafe

  1. I too like the quiet mornings outside with my coffee. It is the perfect place for my quiet time with no distractions such as that dirty laundry that is always staring at me

  2. Love, love, love the turqoise table…to cute…I am sure coffee taste much better sitting outside at your awesome cafe!!!! I sure could use your help…I promise I can’t spray paint a stick!!! LOL


  3. Your table looks so great! I love the atmosphere. I’m sure it’s a wonderful place to dine.
    Your paint color is very similar to my makeover color. Hmmm…I think I’m noticing a pattern.

  4. HA! I TOLD my husband I could paint my old dining table (we got a new one when we moved) with outdoor paint and drill a hole in the middle for here in our new yard. You are proof positve. Great color choice- it would go well with my tangerine orange accent pieces. 🙂

  5. love the color of the table. that is another idea to add to my list – paint a table with outdoor paint for my patio, thanks!

  6. Ingenious! I never would have thought of using a regular ol’ table and drilling a hole for an umbrella. And the bench idea is so cute. Great job!

  7. Yeah!! Someone with a patio like mine!! 🙂 I LOVE your patio!! I have been trying to figure out what to do in the back… you have given me direction! Thanks!! ;0)

  8. I love this! Ingenious!! I really need to make better use of this “extra” room that doesnt feel like its walls are closing in on us 🙂 Morning coffee in quiet..hmm…..

  9. Stacey,
    I’m screamin’ right now and calling all family members to come look at your table!!! I think I’m in love. ANd from the looks of your blog and your table, we must be soul sisters with our little tiffany blue obsession. And the planters stands for bench legs? Genius!
    Looks like such a great place to enjoy your coffee.

    I’m so glad you played along with us!

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