It has been raining around here for a year.  Well, not a year, but it sure feels and looks like it.  We had one or two sunny days, but the last few weeks have been soggy at best and ark-necessary at worst.  We are managing ok, but it would be nice to get to be outside for more than 1-2 hours at a time!

Since I’ve had to be inside so much I have turned to some projects I want to get done.  I found this desk at a yard sale last week.  I was taking dinner to friends with a new baby and saw this in the driveway of their neighbor.  Turns out the neighbor is also a friend who graduated with Robbie and that I’ve known since we were kids.  I paid $5 for the desk and I’m going to use it for a tv table in our living room.  I am using paint I already have and got an economy pack of handles at Target for $10.   All together I’ll have about $15 in this project.  I think that’s pretty good.


I recently decided that I was tired of a picture that has been hanging in our living room for a few years.  We have 10- foot ceilings in our old house and this picture is huge.  It fits the wallspace nicely, but the style just didn’t work for me anymore.  Rather than replace it, I decided to paint over it (much to the dismay of Stephen, who screamed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!! Yes, that loud).  I already had a quart of chalkboard paint stored away, so I just painted right over the picture and frame. And I love it!  I saw a quote by Jane Austen a while back that I loved, so I took my colored pastels and wrote it on the picture.  The wonderful thing is that I can change it as the mood hits me – with scripture, holiday messages, whatever.  I have had to remind the little budding artists in my home that this is Mom’s!!  I got  into it and forgot to take a before picture, but here it is now.  I’m also lovin’ the fact that I have no money invested in this project!


I am working on my patio when the weather cooperates, and it will hopefully be done soon.  My herbs and flowers are growing because of all the rain, but they really need some sunny days, too!  I am growing basil, cilantro, Italian flat-leaf parsley, dill, and mint.  I love to use fresh herbs when I cook.  Here’s something I like to do with my mint to make my water more interesting:


I let the mint leaves steep for a few days and the water tastes great!  If it’s kept in the fridge the leaves stay good for several days.  After that, I just clean out the bottle and start over with fresh mint. 

Robbie got home a little earlier than usual yesterday.  He spends tons more time on the road now that his territory has changed, but it’s working out fine.  He tried to get some yardwork done between the rainy moments.  Almost 9 months ago he couldn’t even walk.  Wow.



I hope it’s sunny where you are.  If not, a little Karen Carpenter never hurts.


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