We are nearing the end of our homeschool year.  We started in July and I was so thankful.  When Robbie had his accident we had already started school, so we could keep on trucking.  Betsy has just a little to do in her writing and phonics curriculum and we continue to read everyday.  Stephen is almost done and has really been a diligent student this year.  We changed curriculum with Nate in October (and are so glad we did), so he has to keep working on a couple of subjects for awhile longer.  All in all it has been one of the most rewarding and happiest school years ever.  The kids enjoy our homeschool group and our weekly co-op classes.  They play ball, go on field trips, participate in social activities (they are busier now with friends than they ever were before), and we have learned so much together.  That said, we are all ready for a break!!  I have many projects in the wings and I am itching to get on them.  I have actually gotten started on some when I could, to the detriment of my laundry 😦

Our next-door neighbors also homeschool, so Stephen and his friend Nolan have been working on some things outside:



This is what else I’ve been doing.   I know it’s not everybody’s style, but I love it and it makes me feel good.  So I’m always up to something like this.  We have had an old cast-iron sink behind our fence since we moved in our house.  I have always wanted to use it, but never really had a place for it in the house.  Last summer, it took Robbie and 2 other guys to move it out beside our patio.  A few weeks ago, I painted the outside and put up the window that had been hanging in my dogwood tree – it was destroyed in the ice storm.  Anyway, it is now my potting sink for flowers and such.  I like how it turned out.


I can’t grow grass very well in this area, so I have started some moss there.  I also took brick that we have from our old fireplace chimney (these bricks are original to the house, probably between 75-80 years old by now – so cool) and made steps leading up to the sink.  Hopefully, the moss and ivy will grow in between and give it some character.  The black pot turned upside down is covering a pipe.  Trying to figure out what to do about that, still.


The project I love the most right now is what I did a couple of Saturdays ago.  I’ve always wanted a fountain on my patio, but they are usually pretty expensive or just flat ugly to me.   We were at Lowe’s and I bought a do-it-yourself kit for turning any container into a water feature.  I found a beautiful urn at Sam’s that looks and weathers like real stone (I put some larger ones like it on either side of the front door, too).  For $60 I now have a great little fountain that is so nice to listen to while on the patio!  This morning after walking, I sat outside and had my coffee to the sounds of the water gurgling and birds singing.   It’s really a nice little escape.



I planted these in the larger planters on either side of the front door:


So, that’s what is going on around here.  I really do need to get to this sometime soon, though:


It’s just not nearly as much fun.


3 thoughts on “I Just Want to Piddle….

  1. Hi Stacey,

    I found you on here through Kelly’s blog. It’s been a long time!! Hope you are well.

    Your kids are getting so big and you have a beautiful family!

    Maybe we can stay in touch this way since it’s been so many, many years!

    God Bless – Cyndi “Collins” Pinkston

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