We have  been busy around here!  Robbie and I enjoyed our getaway, but we hit the ground running when we got back.  Praise the Lord that Robbie can run again, though!  He has been running and riding his bike and loving every minute of it.  So many people have asked me how I could possibly let him ride a bike again.  You know, I have decided that I can’t live in fear.  Cycling is something he truly loves.  It would be unfair for me to ask him to give it up.  I have to trust the Lord to keep him safe – Robbie has always been a cautious rider – even on the day of his accident.  He doesn’t take risks and I just have to entrust him to the Lord as I do when he goes to work and drives all day or does anything else.  It is not easy sometimes to battle fear, but I have to make a choice that I believe God is in control and sovereign over every detail of our lives.  I did ask him to make me one promise, though.  He has promised not to ride alone!

Last night Rob took Betsy to the Father/Daughter Banquet at the church where she attends Awana.  The girls were told they could wear princess dresses if they wanted to, so Betsy wore what she calls her “Jane Eyre dress.”  That’s my girl!  He got her a sweet corsage and they had a wonderful time together.  Betsy enjoyed having Daddy all to herself!




Yesterday we did some cool experiments.  Nate was studying the effect of atmospheric pressure.  It’s hard to explain, but we put empty cans on the stove with a little water.  When the water boils, one can is turned upright in ice water and the other is turned upside down in ice water.  The can that is upside down collapses due to the pressure outside the can and it even draws some of the water up into the can – it was cool!



Stephen is taking a science class in our co-op and we tried an experiment his teacher told them about this week.  We made clouds by putting a small amount of water into the bottom of a big  jar, lighting a match and throwing it into the jar, then quickly covering the top of the jar so that no air can escape.  It was neat, too!





One thought on “Happenings…

  1. Robbie and Betsy both look adorable !!!!
    I know it is hard to see Robbie ride again , but God will take care of him . We will always question why freak accidents happen because it is human nature .
    Take care and love to all , Judy

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