Robbie and I just returned from a wonderful weekend at Mt. Magazine State Park in northwest Arkansas.  We had originally planned to be there in November, but Rob wasn’t physically ready.  I’m so glad we rescheduled!  They have a beautiful lodge and several cabins.  We stayed in a cabin with a fully-stocked kitchen, fireplace, and more.  We were trying to remember the last time we were away overnight without the kids, and we couldn’t remember!   Friday night we had a great dinner/movie with our friends Michael & Lori, who live in nearby Russellville.  Saturday we even woke up to snow!!  If you want a great getaway for any occasion (great for anniversaries!) this is it!
















4 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. Did you stay at on of the state park cabins or was it private? Kevin and I looked at going up there for our 10th Anniv. in June, but have decided to go back to the same place in Eureka Springs where we honeymooned. We would like to go up there in the next couple years for a quick weekend getaway though.

  2. Stacey,
    If you don’t mind me asking, my husband and I have been think about where we want to go on our 3rd anniversery and this place looks wonderful, but we are on a very tite budget, did this cost you anything other than gas and food, and how long can you stay, is there a website to make reservations? Sorry for all the questions but my husband would love this. I have another request too. Please have your family to pray for my family that in the next month or so that God directs us to our new church home. Being with out one for quit some time is starting to let the Devil in, in more ways than he needs to be, but yet again God showed me today that he is still working his grace and love in our lives and again my husband made the statement that I must have a lot of pull with the man upstairs then he said that he really missed church. We had one answered prayer today with our children now I’m asking God for another. On this one though I want a few more prayer worriers on my side wouldn’t hurt anything. God bless you and your family he has already blessed you so much but I have a feeling that even greater things are yet to come through you all.

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