(I know it’s not Spring yet – I just had to change the header & color to cheer myself up! 🙂

We are back from several days on the road.  Nate played in the state basketball tournament this weekend in Fayetteville.  His 14 and under team got 2nd place!  Nate played really well, scoring some 3-pointers, getting a steal, and had several rebounds.  We are very proud of him and the whole team!  In fact, all of our CHE Eagles teams played their hearts out every game and we are privileged to be a part of such a wonderful group. 

state-tourn-1                                    state-tourn-2

state-tourney-09-2                         state-tourney-09


Stephen wants face-time too!
Stephen wants face-time too!

After the tournament, we traveled to Russellville to visit our best friends, the Ball family.  We had a great time as usual just hanging out and visiting.




Now we are trying to get back into the swing of things around here.  We are all ready for spring and some warm weather!  Robbie is doing well and working very hard.  His new territory means he’s out of the house really early and doesn’t get home as soon as he used to, but he gets to be home and we are grateful for that.

P.S.  We saw this Friday morning while getting coffee.  When I read the sign, I had to get a picture:

romance-firetruck                        romance-firetruck-sign


3 thoughts on “State Tournament Weekend

  1. I have been wodering about you this week . Glad to hear things are good and the boys played so well !!!! Judy

  2. Wonder where Nate gets all that basketball talent? Sounds like such a good time for all of you but was thinking it must be kind of neat for your Dad too!

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