Robbie ran for the first time on the road this morning!  His doctors have cleared him for his normal excercise routine and he’s been running for a while now on the treadmill.  He said he felt good and his stamina was better than he had expected.

On February 12, we will mark 6 months since his accident.  Wow.

I walked into the bedroom last night and saw this – funny.



2 thoughts on “Run, Robbie, Run

  1. Great news !!!! Glad to hear about the running and good stamina .
    Our power was out fro Tuesday night until Friday afternoon . We stayed a couple of nights with our daughter whose power came back on Wednesday night . It sure was good to get back home and back to normal . My parents live in the country and may not have power for 3 to 4 more weeks . They have gas heat , a gas cook sove and water . They are using coleman lanterns for light and have a battery powered radio for company . I worry about them . They are 81 ( Dad) and 75 ( Mom ) , tried to get them to come here but they say they were born when their homes did not have electricity and are doing fine .Please keep them in your prayers . Judy

  2. Hi Stacy!
    We are rejoicing over seeing Robbie back on the bike! It’s seems to us like just yesterday we were asking God to spare “Betsy’s daddy” his life around the dinner table and bedside daily, and suddenly he is a picture of health! God is so good! Your family has been an awesome example to us and our children that through fervent prayer and faith NOTHING is impossible with God. We love you guys and miss you!!! The Kesten’s:)

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