We have power right now after a severe ice storm hit our area.  We are some of the fortunate ones that didn’t have to go too long without it.  It went out last evening and came back on around noon today.  Maybe living downtown near the police, fire station, and hospital helps.  Last night we lit candles and at bedtime bundled up in the playroom with all of our down comforters, blankets, sweats on, etc.  It sounded like bombs were going off outside.  We did a lot of praying for God’s protection and grace to trust Him.  power-out-11


This is what we woke up to this morning:driveway-ice




I hope and pray that all of you affected by this storm remain safe.  We have some very tall pine trees that we are praying don’t fall – they are right over our bedroom. icy-pines

 We aren’t sleeping in there for a couple of nights to be safe and they are coming down as soon as we can get someone to do it!   Like everyone else, we are going a little stircrazy, but while we have power we are trying to heat the house up and watch a few movies to distract ourselves.  We are certainly praying for everyone who is without power. 

This is certainly a storm for the record books.  Hard to believe that in a few months we’ll have temperatures over 100 degrees.


One thought on “So Much for Boring…

  1. Been there, done that! We know how that feels since we’ve had the same situation here in Springfield in ’07 & ’08. We considered ourselves lucky to skate by this time (pun intended).

    We’re nearly empty nesters now, but it was kind of fun having them and their friends around while we weathered the storm. Lots of board games and generally good times were had by all.

    Hang in there!

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