Robbie just called me after his appointment with his neurosurgeon in Memphis.  His x-ray looked good and she released him permanently!  She said that she normally would want to see him in a year, but nothing has changed and she really has no reason to continue seeing him.  Only if he experiences any pain would he need to check in with her.  He is working a half-day today, working his way back home before the predicted ice storm hits us.  I better check my supply of eggs, bread, and milk :).  Actually, if I’m iced-in, I’d rather be stocked up on pizza, chocolate, and movies!!  Stay warm and God bless.  We continue to be amazed at God’s mercy and grace.

P.S.  If you missed Wuthering Heights on PBS, you missed a wonderful thing! 

I think you can watch it online. 

Next week they are airing Sense and Sensibility!!  senseandsensibilityI will be glued to that rather than the Super Bowl!!


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