I am happy to report…nothing. I haven’t posted in a while because we are back into a pretty normal routine around here. Dad leaves for work a little earlier than before, but otherwise we are mostly back to life as we knew it before August 12th.

Robbie is enjoying his new territory and team partners. He has gotten back into the groove really well and is holding up better physically than even he expected. He is really glad to be back doing a job that he enjoys so much. We feel very blessed that things have worked out with that.

The kids and I have been back in school for a couple of weeks now and it’s going good. They were actually ready to start back and I’m proud of their diligence. Hopefully when the weather warms up a bit we are going to take a field trip for a change of pace.

Check back sometime for another boring report (I hope).


5 thoughts on “No News is Good News…

  1. Yey, Boring! May the next extremely non-boring thing be something good!(Y’all aren’t watching enough Joel Olsteen!)
    The Shaw’s passed through this weekend going to a Tulsa trade show and left Kayna and Kyler here while they are gone. We’re tearing out the blue bathroom. The old tile is set in pure concrete.-really fun to tear out. Not one but two cast iron 250 lb tubs to remove, but we’re getting there. We sure would like to have three bathrooms to use when y’all come. I’m looking into how to do a concrete countertop. Talk to y’all soon.

  2. I am glad life is back to normal for all of you !!! I kind of like boring , it gives me less to worry about .I am glad Robbie is holding up physically . Love to all , Judy

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