Robbie headed back to work today!  He will be working a different territory than before, but is staying with his company and we are remaining in Jonesboro.  He had to hit the ground running, leaving early this morning for an all-day meeting in Searcy.  He was excited to get back to work, but we already miss him being around here!

The kids and I started back to school today, and so far, we are doing fine getting back into the swing of things.  They were ready and so was I, after being out of our routine for so many days.  Right now Betsy and Stephen are working on Science and Nate is doing history.  (I’m supposed to be finding polar bear information for Betsy –better do that).

We have sweet memories of this Christmas season, with Robbie’s health returning.  We got to go to the movies together, watch them at home, have friends to visit us.  We look forward to 2009, knowing that God will remain faithful no matter what the year holds. 

Hope you are getting back into the swing of things, too!


One thought on “Back to Work!

  1. I am so HAPPY to hear that Robbie has returned to work . Happy belated birthday !! Don’t overdo it bud for a little while . God Bless you all .. Judy

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