I haven’t said much about Robbie’s job situation in awhile because there weren’t any sure things to say until now.  In November, he accepted a job in Springfield, Mo. with his company which he would have begun at the first of 2009.  Everyone in his company has been overwhelmingly kind to us and we are so grateful.  This week, he was offered a different position that would allow us to continue to live here.  We are glad to be able to stay close to our parents and in our house.  Our kids are excited to remain in our homeschool co-op and with their friends.  God has given us grace and peace throughout the process and has continued to provide for us every step of the way. 

 Thank you for your prayers.  We hope you have a Merry Christmas, celebrating the wonder that God would become man, growing from the baby in the manger to the Savior on the cross.  We are in awe of His amazing grace. 

Thanksgiving Day 2008

5 thoughts on “Job Update

  1. How wonderful! We are thrilled about the new job for all of you. It was so neat to see how you all trusted God to provide a job for Robbie. We are so glad that you are able to stay here with all your family and in your beautiful home.

    The Thanksgiving photo is so good of all of you. Stacey, I know it is good to have Robbie standing tall beside you.

    You are really getting pretty “techno savvy!!!!!!!!” The blog looks so professional and festive too.

  2. I’m glad things worked out for you. Congratulations!

    Although as a life long resident and born and bred Springfieldian, I can attest to what a great place this is to live and raise a family. Probably about as great as your own home!

  3. Glad to find out you will stay in Jonesboro . I look forward to seeing you soon . The snowflakes on the site have been falling outside !!! Love to all, Judy

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