Nate had a basketball game today and played well.  We won our game handily and the boys really hustled.  We are enjoying being a part of our CHE group so much and they have welcomed us so warmly!



Later in the evening, we made gingerbread houses (from kits). I got 2 so that it could be girls & guys. Here they are:





Robbie, Nate, Stephen
Robbie, Nate, Stephen


Stacey & Betsy
Stacey & Betsy

 The guys bailed out before the girls, so Betsy & I decided to add snow to ours.   The poll below is strictly for bragging rights. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Basketball & Gingerbread

  1. Sorry, guys – your gingerbread house is GREAT! But, the girls is technically “prettier”. I’m sure they are equally TASTY, however. 🙂

  2. Great job everyone, but the girls are more detailed !!! Good job girls .. They do look very tasty !!!!

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