For several years I have been wanting to put a live Christmas tree in an urn.  I’ve seen it in several magazines that I get and I love the look.  This year I took the plunge and I’m really happy with the results!  My dear friend, Amanda, made me the beautiful glittered cards with the names of God on them.  They are the focal point of the tree so that we are always reminded who we are celebrating and who He truly is.  I really treasure these the most!  I worked on the tree today, as well as the mantle (Rob had the painting done for me in Paris during a layover on his first trip to Africa) and chandelier in the living room.  Tomorrow I’m going to work on the staircase. 









Robbie is sick right now with some kind of sinus or bronchial infection.  He is on medicine, so hopefully he will be back to himself in a day or two.  He can’t really talk  because his voice is almost gone, but he’s hanging in there.  Otherwise, he is walking around pretty normally without the brace, which has made his daily activities so much easier.  Yesterday was my birthday and last night we went out on a date.  After our movie, we ran to Target where we ran into a few people that we know.  It was neat to see their reaction to Rob walking around.  It meant so much to see how happy they were to see him and we are still so grateful for your continued prayers.


6 thoughts on “Decorating

  1. what a neat tree!! I love different decorating ideas!SHe did an awesome job with the cards 🙂 your chandlier looks really nice too!! Hope you had a great birthday! I love it when my house is all decorated up for Christmas, then when you take it all down its so plain lol

  2. Hey, Stacey-
    I love how you did your chandelier…I was about to go looking for magnolia leaves for my mantle, too. How did you get the leaves to stay on?
    I hope the situation w/Robbie’s job is working out…I’ve heard from Jimbo a little bit of what’s going on, but not lately. I have to go back full-time in January, and am not excited!!!!!! Trying to be thankful, however.
    Hope you had a great birthday!

  3. Hey Stacey,

    My name is Jack Norman and Robbie and I go all the way back to our days at Merck in early 01. It was funny because we reconnected at Novartis since we both came over at the same time. I think he was following me…….lol

    I am praying for your family –stay encouraged. God’s word is true. I take comfort in Romans 8:28 because I know all of this is working out for the good of your family. Please tell Robbie hello–I have attempted to send him text messages but not sure if he has received them. At any rate, please know that you are indeed blessed.

    P.S. I am from Helena, Arkansas originally but living in Monroe, LA now.

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