Robbie continues to strengthen and improve each day.  It fills my heart with such joy to see him walking around the house and getting out more and more.  He still uses the cane some of the time, but is getting closer to being on his own again.  He’s driving again and really enjoying that (so am I).  Once he’s out of the back brace he’ll be moving like his old self, but I’ve got to fatten him up.  He says he doesn’t recommend this diet, though!

We are still riding a roller-coaster of job issues.  We are praying and seeking God’s wisdom and would appreciate you to continue to pray specifically for us in that area.  God bless.



3 thoughts on “Walking On…

  1. I enjoyed seeing and talking with Robbie this morning at church. (I also enjoyed seeing the rest of your family that I saw!)
    I will pray for wisdom for you and Robbie as you seek His will concerning your future. I pray that God will reveal to you that light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Stacey,

    Continue to stay strong in The Lord. He’ll take constant care of you as He always does! He has BIG plans for your family!! I love you and pray for you all often!

    Sherry Barber Smith

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