From Robbie:

It has been a busy weekend, and I’m not just talking about my normal weekend schedule of watching every college and professional football game on tv – although I did that, too 🙂

Saturday night, Stacey and I attended my 20th high school reunion.  I had a great time catching up with old friends and seeing some people for the first time in 20 years.  I was humbled and overwhelmed by the number of people who told me they have been keeping up with me through this blog.  I cannot begin to thank everyone enough for all their prayers over the past two months.  For all of you that I was able to talk to, thank you for your support and encouragment.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to stay longer.  My back brace gets uncomfortable after awhile, and what little backside I have left gets pretty sore.  I’d like to thank Joe Hafner, Janice Drake Fletcher, and William & Marcie Brooks Cheatham for personally encouraging me to come when I wasn’t really sure about it.  I really had a great time and I’m glad I came.  Thanks to Joe for taking such good care of me – you are a good friend.  By the way, I was the only member of the class of ’88 who needed handicapped parking.  I’m sure at the 30th we’ll be fighting for them!

Today we went to Sunday school, where it was nice to be with everyone.  We realized that it was the 12th – two months to the day since the accident.  It is amazing and sobering to realize that two months have passed since the day we didn’t know if I would even survive.  We look back and see how this event has changed our family so much.  I am grateful to God for the many lessons He has taught me.  If I could go back, I would choose not to travel this road again, but I have seen God’s mercy and kindness during this entire situation.  For that, I would trade nothing.  I would ask you to continue to pray for our family.  We are still asking God for complete healing in my back and hip as I am still not able to walk.  We would also ask for you continue to pray for God’s provision during this time as we trust Him for all our financial needs.  Several friends gave us a generous monetary gift when I was in the hospital, and we have used it a little at a time to pay bills as they have come – what a blessing.  We still have a couple of large bills that we are waiting on the insurance company to process.  Please pray that those will also be taken care of and we will not be left with them. 

Between my class reunion and Sunday school, it was great to be in the company of so many who have read the blog and prayed for us.  It’s not a two-month anniversary that I would normally want to celebrate, but we are celebrating God’s grace and mercy over me and my family.  To those of you who live away and we don’t get to see often, know that we love you and thank God for you every day.


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