Robbie is napping right now after a couple hours of physical therapy this morning. He enjoyed it and is looking forward to getting himself slowly back into shape.  We are headed to the wound clinic this afternoon, so we will have a full day today.  We had a scare last night – Robbie was brushing his teeth and somehow lost his balance (he has to stand only on his left foot).  He was standing with his walker, but he couldn’t stop his momentum and he fell.  I freaked out.  I was in the bedroom and heard the noise, but didn’t get in there in time.  He broke his fall with his arm, but bumped his broken hip on the wall.  We called the doctor in Memphis and our friend Michael who is a physical therapist.  They both said that it didn’t sound like he had reinjured it.  It has not been hurting and they both told us if he had reinjured it he would be feeling obvious pain.  We are so thankful that he wasn’t hurt.  I have put him under strict orders not to do anything without me, Nate, or another adult with him!  I’m not trying to be Nurse Ratchet, but Mr. Independent isn’t ready to fly solo 🙂

I recently asked you to pray for Jerry Anderson.  Yesterday in Santa Barbara, California, Jerry passed away.  Please pray for his wife Candy, his children, Natalie (11) and Joshua (8), as well as his parents and other family members.  I don’t claim to understand why these sufferings come, but Candy’s faith is real and her testimony is strong.  She and her family need to feel the grace and peace of Christ right now.  Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Starting Therapy

  1. Been there done that…we had a couple of heart to heart talks on the same “do not leave me alone talks”. I fell 3 times…Take it easy Lance Armstrong, Be Careful! It will get better in time.

  2. Robbie so glad you’re fall didn’t cause you any setbacks! Sounds like you are on your way! I know PT will be hard but if I know you and Stacey you both will tackle it with all that you have. I sure hope we can get together in the next couple of days for lunch. I hear you’ve attended a few. You are amazing. Take care. Will keep y’all in my prayers.

  3. Are you opposed to wrapping the family in bubble wrap? Just a suggestion……
    Everyone is looking forward to seeing ya’ll at your class reunion. Hope you are feeling well and up to it by then!

  4. Hello Johnsons,
    We’re all so glad to hear the good news from the recent doctor visit. Sounds wonderful. I wish I had Robbie’s enthusiasm for wanting to get on a bike!!!

    You may need to tie a little bell on Robbie and track his every move to avoid another little fall!

    We’re also praying insurance will come through in a big way and pay for all of the excellent care he received.

    Would Stephen be available on Sat around noon for a little football game at our house? I’ll send more details.

    We’re so thankful that each day is getting better for you. You’re all in our prayers. We know it has been long. You continue to encourage us.

    Love you all,

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