Not in any way to compare this to Robbie’s injury or the recent episode with Nate, but tonight I really hurt my finger.  I shut it in the car door after I had locked it.  I then had to reach across my body to get the key out of my pocket so that I could unlock the door.  It is very swollen and painful.  I don’t think it’s broken or anything, but I’m sure I will lose my fingernail – no manicures for me anytime soon. 

We go to Memphis tomorrow for an orthopedic checkup.  They will do x-rays and examine the healing of Rob’s hip.  Pray for a good report and progress in healing. 

I know we have mentioned it in general before, but a friend today asked about how you can pray for us in specific ways.  The financial issues are not a constant worry for us, but they are always in the back of our minds.  I don’t want to be too specific, but the costs are very high for the level of care that Robbie received and for which we are so grateful.  Please pray that our insurance company will pay generously for Rob’s care and that the hospital will accept what they pay.  We are asking the Lord that we would not have leftover costs hanging over our heads. 

God has met all of our needs so far, and I don’t expect Him to stop.  My friend Michelle and I were talking about this verse recently and my mom also mentioned it the other day.  I think the Lord is trying to remind me of His care and provision: 

Psalm 37:25 (ESV)

25 I have been young, and now am old,
   yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken
   or his children(A) begging for bread.

*Please continue to pray for Jerry Anderson for complete healing and for his family to experience God’s grace and peace.


One thought on “Ouch!!!!

  1. I shut the car door on about 4 of my fingers at one time when I worked at Long John Silver’s when I was in my late teens,(decades ago) I think. It hurt so badly that I rushed into LJS and shoved my hand in the ice bin(sorry) so I feel your pain! It didn’t break any of mine. Hope it heals quickly.
    Praying for insurance claims to sail smoothly,quickly, and successfully through. Just remember even if they deny it once, that you can appeal it locally, if they have a local office or statewide otherwise. Once, a friend of ours was an old friend of the President of our insurance company so she spoke to him on our behalf, so call in all favors due you!
    Can’t hurt! Won’t know, if you don’t ask! My motto is the worst they can do is say no, if you ask again.
    Praying for injury-free and illness-free days for you and yours!
    Annette and Family

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