I had to take Betsy to sick call this morning.  She still had fever and we wanted to make sure she didn’t have strep throat or anything – especially since we don’t need Daddy getting it.  She cultured negative for strep, so we are just treating the fever and letting it run its course.  She’s feeling better this afternoon. 

While we were at the doctor, Stephen made breakfast for his sis garnished with a rose from a bush outside.  What a thoughtful thing to do.  They don’t always get along like this, but sometimes it happens 🙂

Eggs, toast, & chocolate milk with a rose!
Eggs, toast, & chocolate milk with a rose!

Robbie actually had another bout with the stomach bug last night, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as before.  He is better today and eating well.  We are all making it fine, really.  I am very tired, but a pot of coffee a day helps. Seriously, God gives me His strength each day (but I really do drink a lot of coffee). 

Blessings to you & your families.


One thought on “Breakfast for Betsy

  1. Hey!
    Just wanted to tell you we are still praying for you. It was so awesome to see you at Sunday School on Sunday. I can’t even imagine how long it took to get there. You both blessed us with your words. You could never say too much!!!! You are such an inspiration to us all!!!!!
    We hope Betsy is well today. You have Kevin’s cell phone number if you need anything!!!
    We Love You,
    Kevin and Dana

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