Nate is doing better today.  He rested all day and that has helped.  He still has a slight headache which the doctor told us to expect.  Thanks for praying for us.  He has told me over & over today how sorry he is and asked me to forgive him.  I have been ok today, just still watching him closely.  A couple more rest days and we’ll be good, I think.

Robbie has had a pleasant day and has felt good.  We are headed to sleep – goodnight.


5 thoughts on “Nate’s Doing Better

  1. Ah, Stacey…when it rains it pours. Praying the peace that passes all understanding and the strength for you in all of this. Truly we don’t understand the ways of our God sometimes, but we do know He sees, He knows, and He is still good. Dean & Chris

  2. I can’t believe it! That is wild! That really hit home for me! We only ride our bikes in the driveway so I let the helmet wearing lapse during those times. (well, we never leave the driveway for that matter) I can’t believe he hit that hard IN THE DRIVEWAY! That puts things a little into perspective for me. Thanks for blogging about the accident, I needed to read it! I usually think of helmets for street cycling.

  3. Hi Stacey. My name is Paige Adams and I am married to Candace Fortenberry’s cousin Jeff. I got linked to your blog through hers. She stated in her blog how blessed she was by your strong faith in the Lord Jesus. She mentioned the accident involving your husband and recently your son! Wow! What a journey you have been on! I wanted to let you know that I read your blog regarding your husband and your son and that I will pray for contined strength and healing for you and your family. I just started my fall bible study at my church here in High Springs, Florida yesterday and thought I would share this with you. 1 Chronicles 14:2 tells us that David knew two things: He knew WHOSE he was and he knew WHO he was. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, the anointing of God rests on your life. This was shared by Priscilla Shirer from the Study of David, Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. God Bless you and your precious family!

  4. Hey Guys,

    We just got back in town and wanted to just send you a note. It sounds like things are well with the healing…that’s awesome to read. I know you have many people praying for your family and it really is a testimony of the work that your family has done for God and how many lives you’ve touched. We’ve had several deaths in the family and some family in the hospital and it really has hurt me to see loved ones going through the pain of loss. But I have seen a lot of good from it also. It has shown me that we effect others many different ways in their lives and the memories really come out when you lost or nearly lost them. An Attitude of Love and an unconditional will to serve others. I hope that is what I can impart to your family as you’ve to mine. I pray I am there to help in any way we can.


    David Tomlinson and the crew

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