Well, I was back in the emergency room tonight (the 15th)…with Nate.  And, it was the result of a bike wreck.  He was riding his bike down our driveway and hit loose gravel.  He ended up in the middle of our street, which can be quite busy, looking dazed and confused and asking me what had happened.  I had taken Rob to Memphis today for a spine clinic appointment and we had just gotten home from picking up the kids at Stuart & Michelle’s.  I was getting Rob settled in the house when Stephen ran to the door screaming and crying and telling Betsy to get me.  I sprinted down our large front yard to find Nate in the street.  He was asking me what happened and was obviously confused and staggering around.  His pupils were dilated. 

I got him into the house, where Robbie and I began to ask him questions.  He could remember his name, birthday, address, phone numbers, etc., but couldn’t remember where he’d been today or what he’d done. He  kept asking us what happened and telling us he was scared.  We were, too.  Neither Rob nor I could believe this was happening again.  We decided Nate should go to the ER because it seemed he had a concussion. 

The hard part about this is that he didn’t put on a helmet because he couldn’t find it.  He thought he’d be ok just for a few minutes.  I will admit that I was so angry with him at first I could barely control myself, but he kept asking me over and over to please forgive him even though he couldn’t really remember what had happened.  I guess by my reactions he knew he had done something wrong. 

We got to the ER and my dad met us there.  I promptly went to the restroom where I was sick.  I am just 3 days past a month ago being in the same ER with Robbie.  They assessed Nate and took him back.  The nurse who admitted him even remembered Rob’s accident.  They put us in the same family waiting area where I sat on Aug. 12th.  It was by God’s grace I didn’t get sick right there.  By this time, Stuart had come up to the hospital to check on us and Robbie’s mom was at the house helping Stephen, Betsy, and him. 

They took us to a room, where the doctor examined Nate.  He still didn’t know what day it was or why he was there (he could tell me the square root of 144 and the capital of Kentucky, though).  My dad was still with me and my brother came, too.  They took him back for a CT scan and neck x-ray.  Both returned normal, and by the time we left the ER 4 hours later, he could remember details about his day and was coming back to his old self again.  The same nurse who discharged Robbie to The Med discharged Nate tonight and asked how Rob was doing.  We left with a prescription for pain – he’s got a big knot on his head and his neck is sore.  He is now in the bed with Robbie so that they are both in one place and easy for me to tend to.  I’m sleeping in the chair in our bedroom tonight. 

I am so grateful to God for protecting Nate.  We did have a long talk with Dad when we got home and we think he’s learned his lesson.  I won’t berate him because he is very, very repentant.  It’s going to take me a day or two to get over this, though.  Nate is a sweet boy and we love him so much.  I do not understand why it happened, especially now, but I have to choose to trust that God is still in control and still holding us in His hands. 

As far as Rob’s appointment today, he is progressing well but will still be in his back brace for a couple more months.  The injury to his spine is in the area where it is connected to the ribcage, so it is very important.  Right now it is still at a slight angle, and more time with the brace will help it straighten up.  Please pray that it will straigten correctly and he won’t need surgery to put a rod in.  The neurosurgeon doesn’t expect that to happen, and we want to pray for a clean healing there.  She did tell him that he would be able to run and ride a bike again, which was encouraging to him.  I, however, have put the kibosh on bike riding around here for awhile. 

Thank you for your continued prayers.  Please mention Nate along with Robbie for the next few days.  He is resting now and maybe we will all get a good night’s sleep.  God bless.


11 thoughts on “Back in the ER Tonight

  1. What can one say to you and yours! I am so sorry that you had to be so frightened again. I am so glad that Nate is going to be fine, and that Robbie will one day be able to run and ride again. I pray for rest and certainly less excitement for your family! I pray for healing, physical and otherwise.
    Stacey, instead of you are the man!, you are the woman!
    If I can watch your children, at my house or at yours, etc. just let me know. I will help you in whatever way that I can.
    Take care and be safe!
    Annette and Family

  2. Oh, Stacey! Wow! I can only imagine the rush of emotions and thoughts you had as you went through part of that journey again last night! I am so thankful he is okay! What a blessing, too, that Robbie’s appt. went well. I know it may seem like a long road ahead of you, but it will all be worth it since they say he will be able to run and bike again! They told me from the day of our accident that I would always walk with a cane and never be able to be active again, so it made the emotional part of recovery much more difficult. I urge you to hang on to the doctor’s promise of a full recovery and be thankful for that (which I know you are!) You all continue to be in our prayers!

  3. Lay down the law, mom. Need some sanity around that place for a while. A mom’s heart can only take so much.

    Boys are so much trouble, aren’t they? (and the girls say, “amen”).

    So grateful to God to know Robbie is going to be alright. On a personal note, as I’ve listened to Sarah Groves’ “It’s going to be alright,” I’ve thought of you.


  4. Girl! You are going to have to lock up your family in the house for a while!No one goes out without head to toe padding!!! I would have been sick too, anytime something like that happens, I am sick to my stomach for a while! Bless Nate’s heart, I am sure he was scared! Glad to hear Robbie’s report was good, we will pray for fast healing and for a special super glue around your whole family! lol!
    Take care of yourself too!!

    Misti Weaver

  5. Stacey,
    Glad to hear that you are laying down the rules with the family! Also, glad to hear that everyone is alright and improving. Your family is still in our thoughts and prayers daily.
    God Bless,
    Michael, Kristie, & Ashley

  6. Stacey!

    I can’t imagine how many emotions you went through today. Bless your heart. I’m glad Robbie’s appointment went well. I will continue to keep you ALL in our prayers.

    Amy Barrett

  7. All I can say is God bless you and protect you to keep everyone safe . I agree with Rodney Reeves ” boys are a lot of trouble .” I raised two daughters soon to be 34 and 30 and compared to my 4 grandsons (age 9,7,5,4,) they were little angels sent from above !!! I sure do love those little boys though they are a riot . God bless you stacey my prayers are with you daily . Love to all , Judy

  8. I had not talked about it before but as a kid I too was in two bike wrecks, in one I went over the hood of a car that ran a stop sign and in the other I was walking my bike across an intersection cross walk when a teen driver made a right turn and knocked me to the ground and I rolled out of the way just as the tires of the car went by my head. God was in control even before I know Him. yes my mom locked me up for a time for her sanity and my safty. And this too shill pass, God bless, Norm

  9. Please sell all 2 wheel vehicles in your household…Ebay is a wonderful thing!

    We are glad Nate is doing better…when I see him he is so eager to tell me of his latest thoughts and stuff on guitars…

    Just lock him in his room…to my knowledge no one has been taken to the ER from playing too much guitar!!!

    We love the Johnson’s

    Doug, Kay, et al

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