Robbie is doing better with respect to pain.  His right hip is still in a lot of pain, but if we stay ahead of it, it is manageable.  We went to the wound doctor today to have his wound vac changed.  The wound is healing very well, and in a few weeks we may be able to discontinue using the wound vac.  We go to Memphis Monday to the spine clinic.  He will have an X-ray to evaluate the healing of the vertabrae that were fragmented in the accident.  We are praying that he wouldn’t have to wear his brace anymore, but as with everything else, we want the best for long-term recovery.  We are working out a pretty good system of transferring to and from the wheelchair and other movement around the house and in and out of the van.  We even went on an outing to Target yesterday after a doctor visit.  It took a lot out of him, but he said it felt good to get out.  Our schooling is getting back in swing, too.  We started in July, which helped us so much because we were ahead of the game.  Daddy is even able to help! 🙂  All in all, we are adjusting to this lifestyle and are very thankful that it won’t last forever.  Please don’t stop praying for us, though, because each day has unique needs.  All our love to you.

Phonics with Daddy
Phonics with Daddy

2 thoughts on “Doing Better

  1. Stacey,
    We have been reading your posts from day 1. Every day I am so amazed at your strength and how your posts are ‘our’ encouragement. You strengthen us. You pray for us. It is amazing. Having homeschooled my children for so many years, I have been so thankful that you & Robbie made the decision to homeschool your children last year. Your relationship with your children through this will grow deeper every day and will provide lasting memories for all of you. You will look back on these days and treasure every day you have all had together. You will remember the good times. The bad days will grow dimmer. God had so prepared you and your children. I overheard you say in the balcony on your last Sunday morning at church before the accident “we have already started school. We are in good shape” or something to that effect. Those words came back to me when I heard about Robbie’s accident. I was so thankful you did not have to worry about missing school days. You didn’t have to worry with school uniforms or homework or school schedules. I knew you could do school at Christmas, on the weekends or in the summer. God in His infinite wisdom is always amazing. He cares for his sheep. We will continue to keep up with your posts and pray for you every day. We love you all!!
    Wanda Strode

  2. Hey Guys! Encouraged by the news about the back wound. Sounds as though things are progressing beautifully! We are in prayer for you every day, throughout the day. We love you all!

    Rodney, Deana & Josh

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