Robbie is experiencing bad pain in his back right now.  Please pray for that to be eased.  He does have injuries to some vertebrae in his lower back, which is why he wears the brace when upright.  We certainly don’t want to have any setback in that area.  Also, pray that we will continue to trust in God’s provision.  We are thankful to Him for the provision of short-term disability through Rob’s job to meet the needs of our budget.  His manager and other company directors at various levels have taken such good care of us and reassured us.  Many have been so generous with other gifts, as well.  The bills are huge, however, and sometimes fear creeps in.  Just pray for us to rest in the knowledge that God hasn’t brought us this far to leave us here and that He will meet all of our needs.


7 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Hey Guys! This may not help you but wanted to mention it to you. Kevin and I have both been having bad back pain the past few days, also. I think it is part of this stomach virus that we had last week. I talked to another person yesterday who had had the virus and she was having back pain, also. We will pray that this is what Robbie has and that it is not his injury.I slept on a heating pad last night and feel better today. I am not a doctor but this is my diagnosis. We are still in constant prayer for you!
    Dana Rouse

  2. We will be saying prayers for you all in the days ahead.

    Stomach virus!?!?! Eek! I have heard several reports of it ‘traveling’ around the schools!?!?! Not to mention on top of your currently daily challenges! 😦 …a little prayer…Please God, have mercy!!!! 🙂

    Amazing how Robbie seemed to wake up when you would change the channel off the games!?!?! 🙂

    For what it is worth…”if God brings you to it, he WILL bring you thru it!” Hard to see the forrest for the trees sometimes, but just keep the strong faith that has kept you all secure over the past few weeks.

    Just wanted to let you all know that you are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

  3. Stacey and Robbie,

    I am a friend of Amanda Steward’s. We meet probably 10 years ago when you came to visit the Stewards one time. I am also a friend of Valerie Mason. My husband too broke his back in the ice storm a year and a half ago. Jason is also a drug rep and so I have been watching God unfold this story of yours and His protection over your family. After 4 months of short term disability and lots of ups and downs Jason and I can tell you for sure God is soverign, your marriage will be stronger (it’s kind of like dating again over those months), and your faith is definitely stregthened!

    We think and pray for you often. I keep up with you through Amanda. May you have a complete and speedy recovery.

    Jan Avery

  4. So glad to see that you are doing so well, and even with the pain, your faith is still showing. Have kept you in my prayers since your accident. You and your beautiful families strong example of faith has done wonders for me as well. Hang in there Robbie!

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily . I pray the pain is eased . Your faith shines daily and you will conquer .Love to all , Judy

  6. Stacey & Robbie,
    I pray that the Lord blesses you today with strength, peace and faith to enjoy this day! Be encouraged that you are in the palm of HIS hand and nothing is too hard for our God!!! This too shall pass!! I pray that you will be surrounded by the love and support of your close friends and family while others continue to lift you up daily! Your time of trial and testing has strengthened the faith of many!! REST in HIM!!

    Love and Prayers,
    Tammy Fivecoat

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