3 thoughts on “Photo Album

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  2. Hey Stacey, Robbie & Kids,
    Just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers! As time passes and the road seems long and discouragement tries to attach itself to your weary heart…be encouraged that “His Strength Is Perfect When Our Strength Is Gone.” God will give you the grace to face today’s challenges…and the same unending grace for each new day! When it seems as though life has handed you more than you can bare…give it to HIM! The battle is not yours it belongs to the Lord!! If I can help you in any way please let me know.

    Tammy Fivecoat & Family

  3. Great pictures !!! I was very glad to see the note from Robbie . I wondered if he did the typing or was he playing doctor and dictating to you Stacey ?? I hope the stomach bug is better , there have been several people with that . One of the pacemaker reps went on a trip for Labor Day and 9 out of 10 people staying in the cabin had it ( not all at the same time ) . I pray for you daily that God will speed Robs healing and give you the strength to endure . Love to all , Judy

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