Robbie seems to be slowly turning the corner today on his stomach problem.  Thank you for praying for him and the rest of us.  He is sleeping off the Phenergan now.  He has the college football games on TV and dozes in and out.  Actually, he seems to wake up just when I start to turn the channel.  Hmmm. 

Everyone is so kind to continue to keep up with us when you all have jobs and busy family lives.  I keep referring to the long road that is Rob’s recovery.  You are all so precious to want to go down that road with us.  We are all very anxious to get back to our life before the accident, but are accepting the fact that it will be a while before that happens.  I guess we’ll never really get back to that exact life, because times like this change your life in some way forever.  I love the verse at the end of the book of Job that reads, “The Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning…” (Job 42:12a).  I’m not comparing our situation to Job’s, but I trust that God will bless our family more in the future because of this experience.  He is teaching us to trust Him for everything, call out to Him about everything, and give Him praise in everything.  Not easy lessons, but important ones to learn.  God bless you all for the way you bless our lives daily.

P.S.  Please pray for Robert Williamson & Steve Little, who are en route to Africa now.  They are probably beginning a 19 hour layover in Casablanca, Morocco.  Robbie is missing not being there with them.  Please pray for their safety, succussful outreach in the villages, and their families here.

Guinea Team
Guinea Team

5 thoughts on “Turning a Corner

  1. As for waking up when the TV is changed from college football . . . it’s part of the Adamic DNA.

    Seeing that picture of Steve and Rob W. is encouraging. Even though we were at Central for only a brief time, God tightly knit mine and Amy’s hearts to that SS class. Though we often wonder why God has us in certain places, be they jobs, churches, schools, God has confirmed our time at Central through this situation of Robbie’s wreck. From the first day my wife and I entered the Johnson/Little SS class until now, we have seen God orchestrating His sovereign work of grace and mercy through the kindness and faithfulness of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Deus est semper fidelis,

    The Woodsides

  2. Hey guys,

    We are so thankful that God is so faithful to his children. We continue to lift you up in our prayers. We’ve been updating the kids at church every week about Robbie’s condition and will continue to call you by name as we pray during our services.

    Amazed at His Awesomeness,
    Tony & Angie Waller

  3. Robbie and Stacey,

    You and your family continue to be in my prayers, I am glad to hear that the stomach bug is getting better. I know exactly what you mean about the T.V. I always have to check in and get updated on Robbie’s progress. Praise God that he continues to recover so well. In my daily reading it talks about a Christians mark of authenticity, Thanks be to God! I have been so blessed by your thankfulness even amid the trials that your family has faced and continues to face. You have blessed so many through this blog. You both are missed very much in class each week and we look forward to your return soon. Steve and Rob have been on my mind the last two days and are also in my prayers.

    Robin Parks

  4. Happy Sunday Morning to you and yours. Praying for the Sunday where you can all attend church together. Hoping that Robbie has completely rid himself of the stomach problem and that it didn’t visit anyone else in your family. Praying for you Stacey that you will rest as you take care of all of your family though this long time of recovery. Praying for you Robbie as you recover and for patience through the process.
    Annette and Family

  5. Stacey and Robbie,
    Ok, I will be going to bed wiping tears from my eyes as I just read your last 2 updates. We are so happy you are doing so well Robbie! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us what happened….and the comments you made about Stacey and how precious she is to you is sooooo sweet! Please know we pray everyday for you and your family and ask God for complete healing. I know you must be truly “bummed” to not be riding with your friends bringing the gospel to many but just think how many people you have witnessed to just by being you in the last several weeks! You and Stacey continue to be a blessing to our family in more ways than you’ll ever know. Maggie started throwing up this weekend…hopefully it will be short lived…hear it is going around…stay stong Johnson family! Stacey, I will call you this week cuz I want to bring you dinner sometime soon, ok?

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