As I type at 6:56 a.m. on Friday, Robbie & I have been awake since 10:30 p.m. Literally.  He has had an excruciating time with a stomach ailment.  Our daughter, Betsy, was sick Monday night with vomiting at our friends’ house.  Throughout the night, Robbie has had vomiting and very painful stomach cramps.  My brother & his wife are pharmacists and have helped us with trying to help Rob with medicines, but he just hasn’t gotten completely over it.  We are both so tired.  Please pray that God will cause the nausea to go away and help him sleep.  Pray that he will regain strength after this – you know how these things sap your energy.  Please pray that I don’t get it if it is a virus.  We cannot afford that right now.  Thank you for holding us up, we sure need it today.

Robbie did the post below last night before he got sick.  He wanted to say some things to those of you who read the blog.  Thanks again for your prayers.



5 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Need

  1. We’re lifting you up right now and throughout the whole day. Hold on to Romans 8 (particularly 18-21). We love you guys.

  2. Dear Stacey and Rob,
    So sorry to hear about your stomach problems. The Rouse house has been full of it this week, too. So we can really feel your pain. Yesterday was my bad day and today I feel much better. Call us if you need anything and I am sure Kevin can help. Kevin has missed the last 2 days of work with it and he NEVER misses work. Our son has missed school all week. He went back today. It is bad and very easy to catch. We are in prayer for you today. At least you aren’t on the way to Africa with this bug!!!! Please call if you need anything.
    Dana Rouse

  3. Father, You are our healer, and I ask that you touch Robbie and the whole family right now and that you take away these stomach issues from their entire household. I ask that you allow them much needed physical rest as they continue to rest in Your arms. I thank You for the blessing they are and how they are honoring You. Please continue to hold them and allow them to feel Your presence.
    In Your Precious Name,

  4. Oh how sorry we are to hear about these latest set of troubles. We know how hard it is too press on when you ar literally exhausted. We’re praying right now that Robbie will have immediate relief from the stomach issues and that Stacey and the boys will not develop any of it. We also pray for rest for all of you.

    The message from the patient makes us realize even more how blessed you are. That helmet protected your life. Praise God you were wearing it!

    We enjoyed having Stephen so very much. We will be out until next weekend but will return ready to have him again at any time, along w/Betsy and Nate also. We’re a phone call or email away.

    Praying for rest and recovery,
    Max and Jennifer and children

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