Robbie & Joe
Robbie & Joe

The term “doppelganger” is used to describe someone who looks just like someone else.  They say that theoretically everyone has a doppelganger.  Robbie’s doppelganger is Joe Hafner – someone he graduated from high school with.  He says that teachers would always get them confused because they favored so much.  Joe paid Robbie a visit today and it was so nice.  He had just started riding with Rob’s group a few weeks before the accident.  We appreciate his friendship and generosity so much.  Robbie looks forward to riding with him again!


3 thoughts on “Doppelganger

  1. Stacey & Robbie,

    We have been following your journey & Robbie’s progress on the blog daily. Jason left you guys a comment already, but I just wanted to chime in also. We are so glad that Robbie is finally home and that he has come so far already. We have been praying for all of you daily, and we have our Sunday School class here in Bentonville praying.

    Everytime I think of Robbie’s accident and recovery, the song “Praise You in this Storm” pops in my head. You guys are such an amazing example of praising God is both the calm & the storm. God is working in so many lives because of your faith. Thank you for letting us take this journey with you so we can get a glimpse of how God is working in your life through this tragedy. I know it’s going to be a long, tough road, but God has something beyond your comprehension at the end of it.

    Please let us know if there’s anything at all that you need. We miss you guys and your great Sunday School class.

  2. Dear Robbie, May our Lord continue to reveal Himself to you during these days. When I fell in a 5ft. deep concrete grease pit, I had 3 conpressed fractures in my back. I learned a lot about my self and others during that time. Some good and some not so good, but the Lord was faithful to encourage me and send me help and today I am walking around at age 74. We love you and pray for you.
    We are on call day or night. Love, Lois and Carroll Carr

  3. Stacy & Robbie, you all have been in our prayers daily as well as Jim and Judy. Somthing like this affects a lot of people in a family not just a couple and you know what I mean. Your strength is that your families ALL know the power of the Lord. We had Don Piper speak at our church a few weeks ago. I had read his book when it first came out. It is so inspirational. This man was in heaven for 90 minutes with no pain and then had to come back an experience the most excruiating(sp) pain here on earth. He was in the hospital for 108 days and after 34 surgeries he now is able to travel and tell people what a wonderful God we have. He describes his pain to the point that he said the medication could not even touch it so he had to rely on the Lord to get him through it all. I am now reading his “Daily Devotional” inspired by 90 Minutes in Heaven along with my regular devotional. I think Rob would enjoy reading these devotional or I hope he will. Stacy you are special to our family and you know why!!!! We love you all and God’s speedy recovery to Rob and YOU ALL!!

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