Robbie had a sleepless night last night.  His pain is significant these days and he is trying to work through it with medicine and rest.  Right now the kids and I are trying to let him get some sleep so that when he wakes up we can have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  We are going to have “family church” this morning.  We have done this before and we enjoy it.  Nate plays the guitar and we sing together, then usually listen to/watch online a message from a favorite teacher.   

Once again this morning, I was encouraged by Charles Spurgeon’s writing as it pertains to suffering.  He said, “In seasons of severe trial the Christian has nothing on earth that he can trust, and so he is compelled to cast himself on God alone.”  These are days that we as a family must cast ourselves on God alone for our strength, comfort, and hope.  He is using so many people, however, to meet our many practical needs so that we may focus on Robbie’s care.  I cannot say enough times how appreciated it is and how unworthy we feel to receive it.

This blog has become an outlet for me, I suppose, as I tend to express myself more easily through writing.  These days have been filled with joy, but also with emotions none of us have expected.  If I could ask others who have been through these types of traumas, they would likely say this is normal.  All I know is that I could not make it without my faith in the Lord.  There are so many “gaps” in our life right now that I am asking Him to fill, trusting that He will keep us as He has kept us so far.  Another line in my devotional reading this morning spoke to where we are: “When he [the Christian] is burdened with troubles so pressing and so specific that he cannot tell them to anyone but God, he may be thankful for them; for he will learn more of his Lord then than at any other time.”  

If you happen to be facing trouble today, I pray that you will be encouraged with these words, too.  Once again in our lives, we are learning more of the Lord’s grace, peace, keeping, provision, and presence than we do during times of ease.  It is hard, to be sure, but I’d rather be clinging to Him in this ocean than be tossed by all the waves that come.   I pray that you’ll cling to Him, too. 

We hope you all have a restful, enjoyable Labor Day weekend.  We’ll be here, so drop us a line :).


4 thoughts on “Casting Ourselves on Him

  1. Stacey,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog, not only to keep updated on Robbie’s health status, but also for the encouragement I get from reading about how your family is handling the struggles of the last few weeks.

    Call on us whenever you need to.


  2. I hope church went well. Say hello to John MacArthur for me as you all are members of his “internet campus.” I would join too, but I really don’t like to walk that far, even in cyberspace (sound familiar).

    Seriously, we saw a cyclist this morning and our family prayed for you and for Steve and Rob as they head to Africa. Our friends, the Wiggins, continually read the blog and lift you all up in prayer. They have been amazed by your faith and trust in God’s sovereignty.

    continued blessings,

    Matthew and Amy

  3. Hi Stacey, Robbie & Family,
    Girl I feel your heart! Our associate pastor preached this morning and one of the things he brought out was that when we as God’s children are going through something that is really tough…we can know for sure that God has great plans for us (now) and on the other side of our trial. You and Robbie have been such an inspiration to me as I watched you guys go through the loss of your precious Abby! Now I see once again that you are trudging through tough soil and like before you are drawing strength from the Great I Am!!! Though my experiences have been quiet different from yours I have walked through a dark valley and am at this present time walking through a tough season. But remember that our precious Heavenly Father is leading us to higher ground! He is producing in us a deeper faith…a sweeter fellowship and developing in us a greater level of ministry! You may not feel like you are ministering…but precious girl…you are! Thank you for sharing your heart and giving out what you have been filled with and that is the power of our great God!! I love and appreciate you guys so much and will continue to lift you up each and every day! I read your blog daily and I feel like it is part of my “Daily Devotion”!!! Thank you and keep sharing the LIGHT with others who may be experiencing their own personal valley!

    Love you guys,
    Tammy Fivecoat & Family

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