We are settling in to being at home.  Robbie had 2 doctor visits yesterday, which were tiring, but so great to see the doctors and nurses that have extended so much love to our family.  With a couple of wound changes, the doctors and nurses have commented on how good it looks.  Please continue to pray that the healing continues with no infection. 

We go back to Memphis this week for a visit to the orthopedic doctors.  Later in September, we go back to the spine doctors to check the progress of wearing his brace.  Yesterday, I was taught how to change the wound vac in his back!  Now I can give injections, change the wound, and perform other nursing duties.  I never thought I would even want to do stuff like that, but it’s kind of cool to know how (which worries Robbie :). 

Many emotions of this experience have been unexpected, for sure.  We so appreciate your continued prayers.  With God’s faithful help and our love for one another, we are going to make it.  The kids are so glad to have Daddy home, and Betsy has decided she wants to be a nurse or doctor when she grows up.  She even saw the open wound in his back and didn’t cringe at all.  Everyone has been so good to our kids and we are so appreciative.  I know that they have gone through unique emotions and thoughts, and we are working through those with them.  All in all, being home is just what the doctor ordered and we continue to entrust ourselves to the Great Physician.  All our love to you!

Welcome Home Banner
Welcome Home Banner


Wheelchair Ramp
Wheelchair Ramp

A big “Thank You” to Mr. Curtis Shatley & Stuart Reid for building the ramp!  Thanks to Andy Shatley for the specs to make it perfect!

Morning Paper
Morning Paper


Floyd missed Daddy, too!
Floyd missed Daddy, too!

6 thoughts on “Settling In…

  1. I have not been able to read your posts the last few days. When I got on today, it brought tears to my eyes! Great is His faithfulness!!!! We will continue to pray for you! Stacey, who knew when you worked at OBGYN all those years ago you would be a “nurse” today, Haha.


  2. Hey Robbie your looking great….

    Next time hide the urinal before your take the picture!!!! 🙂

    We love you and glad your are finally home!!!

    Doug and Family

  3. Each and every day has a victory…one that we each must choose to tag as our victory. My prayers will be with you in your day to day victories, great or small!

  4. I don’t know Stacey. Robbie looks a little too happy and comfortable in these pictures. I think he might be faking it to get some extra attention from his nurse! 🙂 JK of course. I know each day still offers many new challenges and struggles, but it seems like God’s grace is sustaining you both.

    The Strickland Crew

  5. Robbie
    I have been keeping Scott up to date on you and I am sure he has been checking up on your success as he talks with others at the St Bs. You are so special and it is so good to see you at home!
    Norm and all the Dickson family

  6. Robbie, whatever you do…don’t mistake taking a drink from you yellow water bottle from your white bottle next to it!!!!

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