A few days ago, I downloaded a new ringtone onto Rob’s cell phone.  Michael Buble’s “Home” plays anytime his phone rings.  Maybe it’s working on the doctors, too 🙂   Only kidding – I know that our gracious God who was not caught off-guard by the accident is continuing to restore him.  Rob’s cleanout from yesterday looks to be his last trip to the o.r.  We don’t know anything definite yet, but it does look like things are moving in the direction of going home!  He has been tooling around the unit in the wheelchair this morning, and this afternoon I get to learn how to give him an injection he will need daily – I’m squeamish about that. 

God is so gracious and precious to have brought us this far during these two weeks.  We continue to pray for no infection to set in with the back wound, and that its healing would progress well.  He will likely go home with a “wound vac” that will continue to drain the area until it is healed.  We cannot say enough good things about The Med.  I know that it sometimes gets a bad rap over here, but everyone from physicians, to nurses, to housekeeping, to clerks have been so friendly and encouraging (it’s not hard to like Rob, though, is it?). 

Please don’t stop bringing Robbie before the Father in your prayers.  Thank Him for His safe keeping and providence over us.  Ask Him to continue to restore Robbie to full health and activity in due time.  We ask Him to bless all of you for the way you have encouraged, loved, provided for, and prayed for us during these difficult days.

Also, please be praying for our friends, Steve Little and Robert Williamson, who will be leaving on Sept. 5 for a mission trip to Guinea, West Africa.  Robbie was to be the team leader on this trip, in which they will be cycling in and out of villages with scripture and helping the missionaries establish contacts.  Robbie won’t be going, obviously, but Robert & Steve believe that God still wants them to go and spread the Gospel.  Pray for their safety, their families while they are away, and for the work that they will be doing for the kingdom.

“Praise the Lord, all nations!  Extol Him, all peoples!  For His steadfast love toward us and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.  Praise the Lord!”  Psalm 117


10 thoughts on “Closer to Home

  1. Hey Robbie – I’m still praying for your complete recovery everyday! I haven’t forgotten about you 😉 I know its gotta get tough in the Med…but the bright side is knowing you are touching the lives of so many people by modeling your steadfast faith in God and the strength He gives you everyday to face what’s ahead! I hope your not too bummed about not going on the mission trip – I see in the photographs you’re still on two wheels spreading the Good News.
    My best, Blair Huckabee Dean

  2. Hi Robbie and Stacey,

    You and your family remain in my prayers. I’m very thankful to hear that healing is progressing and that your back remains infection free!

    I know you’re so ready to all be together again, and hopefully, that will be soon.


  3. Now that Robbie is going to be using the wheelchair, does that make him a holy roller?

    (Yes, it’s lame, but I couldn’t resist)


  4. Hi Robby & Stacey & Family,
    I just wanted you to know that we have been praying for you guys and think of you often…I’m so glad to hear that things are moving in the right direction…you have such a precious family…we love you all!

    The Vacco Family

  5. Stacey,
    So good to hear the good news. We are remembering your family every day in our prayers. Stay strong, as you always are! Can’t wait to read the post that says “going home!”
    Love you!
    Marci 🙂

  6. I am so excited about the progress; I know 3 sweet faces that will be glad when the Med says to dad “go home”.. we will all rejoice in His goodness and grace.. thanks for reminding us about the mission trip/I had heard about it (someone asked if it was close to where we were in West Africa) but I had forgotten until you reminded us… I love the way that God is creating these clever ways to spread His Word; when we were in training there were 3 journey people that were to “bike around” for their 2 year stay. isn’t that neat? God’s timing will be perfect for Robbie’s mission trip later… love you guys… Shirley Nolte

  7. Hey guys,

    I am so glad to hear how well everything is going considering the circumstances. I loved the pictures. Other than the brace, I would never be able to tell that anything was wrong with Robbie since he is ALWAYS smiling. It lifts my spirits to see what good spirits all of you are in. I can’t wait to see you back in The Journey. Love you all,

    Meagan Taylor

  8. We have a card to send to you all, but I admit I’ve carried it with me to various places in our home for several days thinking I’d be able to perch somewhere to write a note of encouragement to you. My mail hasn’t gotten out, but I want to assure you that as a family (including Meredith & Adam Argo in LR ) began our prayers for you the very morning the accident occured. Lynn was around the ER and you know how fast news goes out, especially to our huge church family in such miraculous, fast timing!! We will be in constant prayer for you, Robbie as well as for all those who are close to you and those caring for you. We know all of you are exhausted, but revitalized through prayers to our Father. We are always anxious to go to this site to find out how you are doing! Praise God we are living in these times of common computer use. God is SO good and we stand with you in praising him for all the healing that has taken in just this short time. We will pray for you continually until there is absolute, complete healing. It is with Jesus’ love, Lynn & Carolyn Wiggins

  9. So glad to hear the good news !!!! Hang in there buddy and you will be good as new in no time . My prayers are with you and your family daily . Will be glad to see ” Going Home ” Love to all , Judy

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