Robbie heads back into the o.r. tomorrow (Tuesday) for more wound cleanout.  Here are the scenarios that the doctor gave Robbie this evening:

  1. The wound looks beautiful and they decide to go ahead and close it, sending him home in a couple of days.
  2. Clean out the wound and do bedside dressing changes, then go back into the o.r. and close the wound.
  3. Clean out wound, bedside changes, and later at home bring in home health for bedside changes, allowing would to heal.

We are asking God for scenario #1 – that the wound would look great and the doctors would decide to close it.  Rob’s surgeon considers this the most unlikely scenario, but we know that the Great Physician is able to do it. 

Rob’s appetite is coming back and he has been able to eat well over the last few days (we even had Neely’s barbecue for lunch on Saturday – they are just down the street from The Med).  He was able to get back into a wheelchair today for awhile and worked hard in physical therapy.

We are anxious to have Robbie home.  The primary request for us is still that the wound would be free of infection and that tomorrow when they go into the o.r., the surgeons will see what God has done in causing the wound to heal beautifully.  Thank you for praying.


6 thoughts on “O.R. Trip #5

  1. Stacey,
    My bible study meets tomorrow morning and Robbie’s cleanout will be top priority! I can only imagine how desperately you want your husband home and the kids want there dadddy where they can see him daily. I pray they will get to close his back wound up and that he will soon be resting comfortably at home with the best medicene of all “family”. All of you looked so beautiful and happy in your pictures. I thank God for your precious family. No matter what happens in surgery tomorrow remember how far Robbie has come in the last two and half weeks! You have been in my prayers constantly…Our pastor always talks about how we should all make sure we put on all the “armor” of God…for you never know what lies ahead but with all of God’s armor fully intact and functioning you are protected. Thank you for being a living example of this very thing. You, Robbie, your children, your attitude, etc…simply amazing! God is good all the time!!!
    Much love and Big Hugs,

  2. Good luck Tuesday !!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Praying for #1 !!! Love to all , Judy

  3. Our prayers will be lifted that the continued power of God’s healing will be present in the days to come.
    Thanks for the updates!

    Much love, prayer, and respect –
    Mary Horne

  4. Stacey-

    It is so good to see pictures of Robbie and you guys and everyone looking so good! We still have a little something for you guys, but I just haven’t gotten to the post office yet, since our stay in the hospital last week! I am a little behind, which I’m sure you understand since Robbie has been in twice as long as Sam.

    But we are still praying for you all constantly! God has been faithful with the place on Robbie’s back, to answer your prayer request and we will trust Him for the rest of the healing of it.

    We love you guys and so wish that we could be there to help you!
    Melissa, Rob, Grace and Sam

  5. Hi Johnson Family…
    I’ve been keeping up with you through this wonderful blog. Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted, when I’m sure you are exhausted. Say hello to Robbie for me and tell him I can’t wait to see him walk through my door with that amazing smile of his!
    I’m praying for complete wound healing!
    God bless you!

  6. Robbie and Stacey,
    As I know you know, Our God can do great and mighty things. I witnessed that this summer with my brother, Hayden. Hayden was at death’s doorsteps, and our Wonderful Savior restored him completely in a miraculous amount of time. I pray right now that God has already done this for Robbie. My life verse is, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” I pray for strength for you both and for the doctors and nurses who are caring for him. I know he is ready to get home, and back to some kind of normal. I love you guys and please know that you are continually in my prayers. I’m addicted to checking for updates!!!


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