We have had a good weekend. Rob’s parents brought the kids for a visit and we had a wonderful time together (I have pictures, but I’m unable to post them from the hospital network – long story).  We visited with our dear friends Michael & Lori, and got a surprise visit from North Carolina – our friend Matt Woodside.  

Another visit yesterday was from Johnny Favi, a co-worker of Robbie’s, along with his sister and brother-in-law.  God used Johnny in an amazing way on the day of the accident.  Robbie was desperately needing to be transported to a trauma center because of his injuries.  He was really up against the clock to get out of Jonesboro.   Twice we were told that The Med was too full to take him.  UAMS in Little Rock could take him, but because of stormy weather, the helicopter couldn’t fly down there.  Cape Girardeau didn’t have the right surgeons, and St. Bernard’s was on the phone with Springfield, Mo.  All of a sudden, we got word that The Med was “a go.”  Unbeknownst to us, Johnny had called his brother-in-law, an oncologist who is a former medical director at Methodist Hospital in Memphis.  He had made a phone call to the medical director of The Med telling of Rob’s situation.  The Med sent their helicopter to pick Robbie up and bring him here.  We are so thankful to Johnny for making that call and thankful to his brother-in-law for his help.  God truly used them to get Robbie to this wonderful trauma center. 

As for the status right now, the doctors have told us that they are probably going to take him back into the operating room this week to deal with the wound in his back again.  So far, every culture they have taken has been negative for infection, which is good.  Their primary concern right now is with the back wound, since it is so large.  They are taking it very slowly and cautiously in order to avoid infection in this area.  They are still hoping to be able to release him in the near future, but everything right now is dependent on the health and healing of this wound.

Please pray this week that the back wound will continue to heal – even that it would heal more cleanly and rapidly than the doctors typically see (this wound is a slow healing one and Rob’s is large).  Also, pray that it will continue to remain free from infection and dead skin.  Dead skin would requre grafting, which would prolong the process.  Thank you so much.  We have come so far in almost 2 weeks.  I will admit that sometimes the fear of infection or another problem sets in and I have to ask the Lord to help me trust Him for each moment.  I would appreciate prayers for me, as well.

“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever.  Amen.”  Ephesians 4: 20-21 ESV

P.S.  Please pray for Damian, our next door neighbor here.  He is a young man who was hit by a tractor-trailer rig on I-40 while traveling from Texas.  He, like Robbie, was spared from much more, but is still dealing with significant injuries.


9 thoughts on “Good Weekend/More Surgery This Week

  1. Our family is in the middle of a hectic move, and your family has made me take time everyday to not only pray for ALL of you, but just peace for everyone too. I work at the hospital in CT scan and missed taking care of Robbie by just moments. I did not know his fist name was Jonathan and Robbie was not list on our orders in the department or I would have stayed. I pray that God will touch him and give you the strength to be there for him.

    God bless you all!

  2. Dear Stacey,

    I am in constant prayer for you, Robbie, and your enitre family. It sounds like he has come so far, and I know God will continue to shower His grace in the days ahead. I’ve never met Robbie, but if he is half the person you are, he must be an amazing man!

    With caring thoughts and prayers,
    Kim Childers

  3. Stacey & Robbie, I have been in constant prayer ever since I got the first e-mail. I truly know the meaning of one day at a time and that is something that you must cling to as well. I have laughed with you and cried with you. I can’t wait to get home from work to read the update in the afternoons. Thank you all for sharing and keeping us posted to know what to pray for. Robbie has come so far and we are thankful for that. Both of you just remember that He is indeed in control of all things and nothing is too small to ask for and be patient with each other and the kids as well. I know the trying moments can be touchy but just know that we are all praying for all of you and that we love you all. I know that seeing the kids was an amazing time for all of you. I still get tickled at Betsy’s “he broke his Elvis”. If there is something to laugh about that has to be it. I will continue to pray and you guys just take the time that the Lord has given you to rest and get back in the swing of things only when it is time.. Donna Wadley

  4. Thank you Stacey for your strength during this entire process. There are so many people here praying for your family and anxiously awaiting for you all to come back home. Thank You for your daily blogs about Robbie. I’m sure like myself, there are many who find themselves several times a day checking to see the progress that Robbie is making. Please pass along our well wishes to him. If you need anything, please let us know.
    God Bless,
    Michael, Kristie, & Ashley

  5. Robbie & Stacey,
    I just want to thank you for the encouragement you have been to me in the past two weeks. I pray for you constantly and realize exactly what you both are going thru. Your ability to allow your brothers and sisters in Christ to minister to you is so very important. I too have been blessed to see how many people in places we would never think of have been praying for you. Thank you for sharing the verses that God has given to you during this time for they have ministered to my heart as well. I am praying for strength for each of you and complete healing of Robbie’s body. Thank you that even in the midst of adversity your lives are still a strong witness of God’s love. Continue to keep your eyes on God and He will see you thru.

  6. Robbie and Stacey, just wanted to let you know I am still thinking and praying for both, as well as the kids, and I will say a prayer for Damian as well. Sounds like you are getting to have guest. This I didn’t realize. I will try to get over and see you…never been there…but I’m sure my bride(co-pilot), can find it. I am still practicing my left footed driving skills; I have only messed up twice. After you get out of there, you’ll start to figure out all these new ways of doing things so you don’t have to depend on people…I get so tired of asking people to do things for me like for instance I can’t even go in a store and get a mountain dew, I have to wait for someone going in and shew em over to me and beg him to get me a drink instead of stealing my money.

    I know you are ready to come home, sounds like things are moving in the right direction. Stacey you are doing so wonderfully for him, thanks for keeping the blog going. I know he really appreciates you doing all this for him. Robbie stay strong and trust God, remember he won’t put more on us than we can stand. Have Faith, God knows what he wants for us…through this you have shown so many people the Lord. Thanks for all you done for me. David Hydrick…Crystal says I type too much…Its just a BLOG! I may not get to type in again…She doesn’t like me typing after taking these percosets. See ya Soon.

  7. Hey Stacey I am unable to send you an email. I must have wrote the address you gave me down wrong. First of all I’m glad to hear that the kids could come visit this weekend. I know it was a special time. I hope and pray that Robbie does not need another clean out, but know that if he does require one that it is God’s will. We want the wound to heal properly. I wanted to know if Steven is comming this week on Mon. Wed. and Fri. I will get his school work done. Sarah also wants to take Betsy on those days and will get her work done as well. Just let us know what we need to do. I may give you a call in the morning. Also Gary wanted to know if you needed him to build a temp wheelchair ramp in your carport or if you needed anything done in your house in order for Robbie to come home. Just let us know. We love you guys and keep you in our prayers.

  8. Robbie, Stacey and Children,
    God’s grace is sufficient. you and your family will remain in our prayers.

  9. Stacey
    So glad to hear that Robbie is doing better. I pray daily for healing for Robbie, strength for you and understanding for the kids. Shea asked me to let you know that his family is also praying for you also.

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