Robbie is out of the operating room and in recovery. We should be able to talk to the doctor and get a report soon.  Thanks for praying.


20 thoughts on “Out of O.R.

  1. Stacy & Robbie- Still praying for you. I check in daily. Glad things are going well- we will continue to pray for no infection & fast healing. I’m amazed at your positive attitude Stacey. I know it’s because of your relationship with the Lord but sometimes hard, tough times cause people to turn from Him. Hope you have a great day with your son tomorrow. 13 is a big one-our son turned 13 last year. Enjoy your time with him & the rest of your kids.
    Hugs from KY (soon to be Ohio-moving on Sat.)
    Jill Taylor Poston

  2. Robbie & Stacey,
    Praise the Lord for a Good Surgery!
    HIS mercies are new every surgery….and every morning!!!!

    When I read your moccents about the marathon race, I was reminded of that passage in Hebrews 12:1-3: “…..let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,…..”

    The implication is that we cannot run some other race, or someone else’s race, or we don’t necessarily get to choose the race. But PTL, we do get to run that race in the power of the Holy Spirt, with a great cloud of witnesses cheering us on, fixing our eyes on Him who endured such hostility (and so much more) for us….so we do not grow weary or lose heart.

    Robbie & Stacey, I pray you hear us cheering (praying too) you own! O God, give my friends great endurance, great grace, great peace, great strength from Your Spirit, great vision to stay focused on You as they run this race You have them on. Then You O Lord will be glorified! Amen

    Bill P.

  3. Stacey, So glad to hear that Robbie is doing okay. We tried to visit you on Saturday when he was in surgery, but you must have left the hospital. We are praying for you both and the kids. Please let us know if you need anything.
    Rhonda and Jason Turner

  4. Hey Stace and Robbie!
    I got word of what happened through Kendy and have just now received your blog site.
    My heart broke for you when I heard the news. I am so thankful that Robbie is being taken care of in such a wonderful way. The scarey moments are all to familiar with the accident of a child (14 yrs old) very close to me here in St. Louis. I know how emotional it is and how there will now be no taken-for-granted moments. I am praying for you daily. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Stacey, you were one of my first mentors and you still amaze me with your love of the Lord and your faith shines so bright.
    Keep doing your thing, sis!

    Sarah Layne

  5. Robbie & Stacey

    Just wanted to let yall know that everyone here at Batesville Family Practice was Praying for you both. Tell robbie thanks for sticking us with Gray for lunch.!! Ha Ha!!! It was also not the same with him not there. We will continue to pray for no infection and a quick healing. Thanks for keeping everyone updated.

    –Kim Caraway

  6. Robbie & Stacey

    I am sorry that I am such a goofball and didn’t realize that I could leave comments on this blog! Just me being me I guess. I just wanted to let you guys know that Jenny and I have been praying for you since Day 1 for a quick recovery and that you guys will get back on your feet again soon! Robbie, I am looking forward, with great anticipation, to the day that we get to ride together. I know it will be sooner rather than later because of the fighter that you are. Stacey, many prayers have gone up on your behalf also and for the kids that God will continue to provide all your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs while Robbie is in recovery. If there is ANYTHING that Jenny and I can do for you, please let us know. I know that you have a multitude of friends and family around that are willing to help, but please call if you need anything. Steve and others have my number. We love you guys and will continue to pray for you! We also hope to see you guys real soon!


  7. Hi Stacey,
    You don’t know me and Robbie may not know me by name, but I work at Cardiology Associates and he’s one of our “favorite” drug reps! I jusy wanted to send a note and let him, and you, know that we are all praying for a good, fast recovery. Judy and Sheila who work at the front desk wanted me to say “Hi” to Robbie as well. I’ve read all your notes, just today, and I must say he’s got one amazing companion by his side, and we all know he’ll be alright, just by your amazing faith and trust in God. The Lord can definitely pull us through the toughest times, can’t He?
    Well, just let him know, the Cardiology Associates crew is pulling for him and we are all soooooo glad he’s on the road to recovery!

  8. Hi Stacey and Robbie, just checking in…..The cut must be nasty, man i know its got to be frustrating.  After 3 days, I was ready to GO!  You gotta love the physical therapy…Whew!  I pray for ya’ll every day several times..healing, recovering, and thanking the Lord for giving you a good wife that is taking care of you…mine really helped me thru too, i tell her all the time i couldn’t have made it without her…sounds like Stacey is doin the same for you.  I hear 3 weeks is the time you’ll be there, man that’s gotta be tough, especially in a brace.  Anything a one legged man can do you for you please call, me or Crystal will get right too it, 761-3284, I mean that, Anything, you need  to let me know.  I’ll check back-in in a day or two, Stacey if you get him out of ICU and in a room let me know.  I’d like to come by and say Hi in person if he feels up too it.  God is great, and we all pray for a speedy recovering, hang in there Stacey, I know back and forth to Memphis is got to be wearing you down some, not to mention keeping this going everyday.   We really appreciate it.  I look forward to checking it every night.  Sorry for rambling, just wanted mainly to say hello to Robbie and let you know that we haven’t forgot about you.  David and Crystal

  9. Robbie & Stacey,

    We have been praying for you over the past week – it is so wonderful to hear how God has protected and is working and healing!

    Yesterday I showed Alyssa the pictures on this site and we talked about the accident and prayer requests – at supper, she was telling Steve a little of what we had discussed and referred to Robbie as “Miss Stacey’s dear”. I thought how true that was – not just your “husband” but your “dear”.

    We will continue to pray for no infections and quick healing for your dear. We pray for stength and endurance for you, Stacey.

    Steve & Robin Martin

  10. Robbie, Stacey, and Children:
    We love you guys and are praying for each one of you. May God’s strength be your strength and may you be filled with His wisdom and peace as He holds you in the palm of His hands.
    With love,
    Bonnie May

  11. Robbie, Stacey, and young ones,
    Praise God! His grace and mercy is sufficient. all of you have been in our prayers and will remain there. It is a true blessing to see and witness the Hand of the Great Physician, our Heavenly Father. sometimes things happen and it does not make sense, but we see only a small part of the picture as our Father sees it all. In John 9, as Christ and the disciples were walking along, a situation surrounding a blind man became the topic of discussion. as Christ explained, ” this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life”. you see our Father is never surprised. May His Glory shine.

    God bless you and keep you always.

  12. Stacey,
    Hey girl, I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers.
    Robbie is so lucky to have you. I know this is hard for him, but is also hard on you as well. Take good care of yourself.
    I miss talking with you on the phone. I need my Paint expert!!! We don’t always understand why things happen, but you and Robbie always find a way to glorify the Lord and are such an inspiration! I miss you and can’t wait for you guys to be back at home.I love you friend and will continue to pray for you, Robbie,the kids, and your parents.
    I was really touched by the relationship you have with your dad.You are truly blessed!Love you much,lisa

  13. Good Morning, Stacey. I pray that Robbie has a GREAT day today as he continues to heal and that you have a nice day as you spend time with the Birthday Boy! You guys continue to have our daily prayers. You are Robbie are such a great couple and God has already used the 2 of you in so many ways…Try to get some rest and I hope to talk to you soon. Call me if I can help with the kids.


  14. Stacy,
    Thank You for the continuous updates on Robbie. He remains in everyone’s thoughts and prayers. We are excited to hear that he continues to improve and cannot wait until you guys are able to come home. Please let us know if we can do anything for you all.
    Michael, Kristie, & Ashley

  15. Stacey… I love getting up early in the morning and reading your blog; it reveals to me evidence of God’s grace.. I am re-reading Beth Moore’s book “Believing God”; everything I underlined the first time I read it is “jumping out” vibrantly again as God is saying: “God is who He says He is; God can do what He says He can do; I am who God says I am; I can do all things through Christ; God’s Word is alive and active in me.”
    John 11:40 reminds us “Did I tell you that If you believe, you would see the glory of God?” Amen to that, huh? We are seeing God’s glory and His grace.. We are praying for Robbie that his strength would increase (physically and spiritually).. love you guys… “Miz Shirley” and “Mr Bill”

  16. Looking forward to the update today… living off your blog Stacey. Thanks again for taking the time to update all those who are praying for the Johnson’s!!! Many of us out here are looking up to your family and admiring the true strength ya’ll have shown. Very impressive!!!

    Love Ya’ll

    Kayce, Abby, Konner, & Kolton

  17. Robbie and Stacey,

    Mike Morris gave me the link to this blog. I just wanted you both to know that folks here in Batesville are thinking of you and praying for you. Hope you continue to improve.

  18. Stacey and Robbie-
    Well, I hope Nate is having a great birthday!! You guys are always on my mind…just wanted to let you know!
    Robbie, I hope the pain has abated and that your wound is healing.
    Stacey, I’ve enjoyed your blog…I saw pictures of the Reid’s pool and was so happy that they are in that house. That was my grandparents house, and the pine tree in the front was planted when Seth was born (we call it “his tree”). So, I’m happy that they’ve made it into such a nice place!
    Anyway, I’d be honored to help with anything that you need, so please never hesitate to call (919-4717) if you do.

  19. Stacey,

    Good to hear everything is going so well. Thanks for the updates. Have a good day with Nate.

    Take care,

    The Johnson’s

  20. Stacey & Robbie and Kids

    If I had to pick just one family that I admire the most then it would have to be yours. Your dedication as husband and wife and as a family with the a dedication to christ is a wonderful inspiration. It is your love for him that will heal you and the love for each other that will help get you through this whole recovery process.I have been on the computer everyday checking on all of you and tracking Robbies recovery. Thank you for doing this on your blog so we can keep up with Robbies recovery.
    By the way,I have been in your shoes. When I was married to Lance we went through something similar. I always had to take one day at a time. And look at him now, he is a perfect walking example of God’s healing miracle. But I promise these
    are the kinds of trials and tribulations that you know are here on this earth to help strengthen us in christ . I know in my heart that God is watching over each and everyone of you. All of these prayers will get u through this. The girls and I send our love, our thoughts daily and specially our prayers to all of you.

    By the way, Happy Birthday Nate! I hope your day goes great! If you and some friends want to come bowl for free to celebrate, then please let me know and I will set it up. Call me 919-4191 cell

    Big Hugs! Stacey, Lauren and Blair

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