Robbie has made progress today.  They are baby steps, but they are steps in the right direction.  His ventilator tube was removed which has made him more comfortable.  He is not in excruciating pain, but is in major discomfort right now.  His wound is doing ok and they are continuing to keep it clean and infection-free.  This is still our top prayer request.  He also got his “tortoise shell” brace today that fits around his torso area to stabilize his back injury.  As for the kidney, he spoke with the urologist today before I arrived and was told that they are going to give it the chance to repair itself and hopefully -another prayer item-regain function.

Robbie is very tired and sleeping most of the day.  He has been through so much, but has come so far.  God is amazing us with His grace and provision for each step of this very painful journey.

I feel so inadequate to express my gratitude for the amount of love and support we have received.  It is truly overwhelming.  Please know that we ask God to bless all of you for the love you are showing to our family.

I also just want to publicly thank our sweet friend, Stuart Reid.  Stuart was riding with Robbie Tuesday morning when the accident happened and also suffered some minor injuries.  If Stuart had not been with him that morning, I can’t imagine where we would be right now.  I am so grateful for how he took care of him while they waited for the ambulance and went to the hospital.  He and his wife Michelle have been our lifelines and we love & appreciate them so much.

Thanks again.  Please continue to pray as Robbie’s long, hard road to recovery begins.  The kids are doing well and pray for Daddy all the time.  God has been good to us and we give Him all the glory and honor.

P.S.  Some of you (you know who you are 🙂 ) will be happy to know that I finally ate some soup tonight.  Thanks for taking care of me.


31 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Stacey,

    Will keep praying for recovery especially that back wound. I know at times this will seem bigger than you can handle but it is not bigger than God! However, I have learned in the last year and a half that as the care taker you have to work with him and that means taking care of you too! You need your rest and food. Take everyone up on the offer to bring you something, because even if you only get a bite or two down, at the end of the day it will add up to enough.


  2. Thanks so much for keeping this up on the blog. I know that is just one more thing, but we so appreciate. We tell the kids your updates in our nightly devotion time and they pray as well for you guys. Jacob said last night, “We won’t be able to visit him, will we?” I so wish we could see you all. I know however, through the great testimony displayed on your blog and comments, that God has sent so many who can physically be there. The rest of us can pray and we are truly blessed for knowing you.
    Love you all,

  3. Stacey & Robbie:

    I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I am thinking of you and your family. You do not know me, I work in the Regional office with Mark Lloyd and just wanted you to know that I wish everyone the best and that your Novartis family is deeply concerned and if there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 888-678-8730 and I will help in any way I can.

    Sue Prieskorn

  4. I just happened upon your blog. I’m a Christian homeschooling mom too. I’ll be praying for your husband for complete and healthy recovery. And also for your family and the person who hit him. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  5. You continue to be in our prayers. Like I said last week, you amazed me as a teenager and continue to do so! Our God is great!
    Dia Sawyer

  6. Stacey,
    I am so glad to hear that Robbie is making progress. You all are constantly in my prayers. Your faith is amazing to us all. Take care of yourself and eat some more soup!!
    Love you,

  7. We are so thankful that Robbie is making progress! I hope he continues to get some much needed rest! Tell him I said he deserves some rest since he typically goes nonstop ;o) Hope you are hanging in there, too. Thanks so much for the updates!!

    kaci bell

  8. Stacey,

    Thank you for the updates on Robbie’s progress. We check your blog several times a day to see if there is any news. What a wonderful thing technology is and you are great to do this for your friends and family that love you both and are interested in Robbie’s progress.

    Praise be to God for His healing power in Robbie’s life. I know there is a long road ahead, but, it sounds like miracle mildstones have already been crosses. And we are so happy about that. We are continuing to pray for you both.

    Give Robbie our love,

  9. Stacey and Robbie…
    Learned about your situation via Meredith Blase. I’ll be tracking your blog and lifting you up. A blog that might strenghen you via this wilderness journey is: Best readings are “From the Porch” and the Book of Joe.

  10. Stacey, Please know we are praying every chance we can for Robbie and the entire family. The Reid’s are friends of mine as well and they don’t come in better than those four Godly precious people. I am a better person for knowing them. There are times when we feel God is on the verge of putting more on us than we can handle but through His Grace and sustaning love, He will get ya’ll through this trial. I have specifically asked for God to meet and fulfill the needs Robbie must have, and for you, the kids, and your parents too. Love ya’ll, Tamara

  11. Stacey,
    Robbie and your entire family are in our prayers. Thank you for the posts on the blog. We love you both.
    Darrel & Mary Dover

  12. Stacey,
    I am praying for Robbie and you and the family–especially my sweet little Betsy. I’m so thankful that God has rescued Robbie and he is in the process of healing him completely. I have you on my mind all the time and love you all.
    Debbie Hollingsworth

  13. Stacey,

    We are so glad to hear of Robbie’s progress. We have included you guys on our prayer list at Church and both our weekly accountability groups. If you need anything done around your house while you guys are out of town let me know. My work # is 972-5632 and my cell # is 930-7844. Buffy’s cell is 351-2754. We can mow, water your yard or indoor plants, pick up mail and paper or feed animals, etc. Whatever you need Buffy and I will get it done. If your parents need a break any time with the kids Abby would love to have Betsy over to spend the night. Just give us a call if you need help. God is good all the time!


    Jeff & Buffy

  14. I was so sad to hear about Robbie’s accident…my heart just goes out to you all. I’ve been keeping up with his progress through the Snells, but am glad to know that you are keeping everyone updated through you blog. I’m part of that huge team of prayer warriors lifting you all up all throughout the day. Thanks for giving us specifics to pray for. You all are at the top of my list!!
    God’s peace and rest to you…

  15. Stacey.. I now know what it means to pray w/o ceasing; you have been in my “thought prayers” continually.. yesterday 2 friends met with me to pray for Robbie and your family.. I agree with everything you said in your update: God is so wonderful and powerful and loving… amazing!!! the more we learn of Him, the more He amazes us.. I like it when I think about Him “singing over us”.. He makes me feel special… He has given me a special love for your family; please know I will continue to pray for you and Robbie and the kids.. love ya.. “Miz shirley”

  16. Stacey, I am so glad to hear that Robbie got the tube out. I continue to pray for his healing and recovery. I know that when my mom spent some time in Health South rehab I had been praying the prayer of Jabez and in the “enlarge my borders” part, God showed me that he was going to do just that. I know that as God enlargers yours and Robbie’s borders during this time, He will be faithful to shine through you both. You have so much to share with others as the hope of Jesus is in you minute by minute.
    Praying for you,
    Tim, Duronda, Kristen, Adam and Jenni Beth

  17. I too am one of Robbie’s classmates. I was shocked to hear of his accident, but am relieved to hear of his progress. I remember in second grade he broke his arm, I pray he heals as well now! May God give you both strength for the road ahead.
    Kim (Morgan) Bowen

  18. We just heard about Robbie’s accident. Please know that we are praying for you guys here in Poland. We are praying for all of you Robbie,Stacey and the kids.

    Rest in Him,

    Sean, Lydia & girls

    Olsztyn, Poland

  19. Stacey, Tell Robbie Crystal and I have been in much prayer for you and he. As well, I understand somewhat of how you all feel at this time. God is good, he will take care of you both..just know that all of us are praying for recovery and comfort. Anything at all we can do let us know. I can’t wait to see you both, just as quick as you all are able to see visitors lets us know. Crystal and I appreciate all the love and support in our recent ordeal, and hopefully can help you all out in some way as well. Thanks for the updates, it really helps. David

  20. Stacey,

    I am one of the many people who went to Gearhead after Robbie’s accident and purchased a much needed/long neglected light for my bike. Even though he has a long recovery ahead of him, I know that one day Robbie will be out riding again and I plan on being there with him. Because of his accident, Robbie helped many of us wake up and probably will end up saving one of our lives.

    Joe Hafner

  21. Hey Stacey,
    Your family has been on my mind all the time. Thanks for the updates..If you need me to do anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. Lee, Eli, Noah and I have been praying for Robbie every night…we are very saddened by his accident, but KNOW that God is right there with ya’ll and ya’ll are in the BEST hands ever. I am so glad he has improved as much as he has. Please, eat and take care of yourself, also!!!!
    Love you!!
    Marci 🙂

  22. Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I am praying for you. Please let me know if there is anything at all that I can do to be of assistance or support.
    Your Brother in Christ,

  23. We are praying for you daily, many times a day. I am so amazed to see your strength and unwaivering faith in God. You live out your testimony!! Please allow us to help you in any way. If there is anything we can take care of here, let us know. 273-8437 Scott would love to reach out to Nate. If there is any way in particular he can do that, please let us know. I will be starting our homeschool soon. I would love to help out if you need it.
    We love you guys!
    Scott, Pam, Abby, Hannah, & Sarah

  24. Stacey,

    Thanks for the updates. I am so thankful to God for the progress Robbie is making. Matt, Cole and I are praying for Robbie’s healing. We are also praying for strength for you and the kids. God is faithful! I know Robbie is being well taken care of but I want to know what we can do to help take care of you, the kids, house, Floyd, etc. Please call and let me know how we can help. I love you and we will continue to pray.


    p.s. My mom enjoyed meeting you Wednesday night.

  25. Dear Stacey,

    We have been praying daily for Robbie since we heard of the terrible accident Monday. Many times throughout the day we pray for him and you.
    Know that your entire family is in our prayers.
    Thank you so very much for taking the time to update your friends and family.
    Much love and care.
    Hank and Nancy Germer

  26. Sweet Stacey,
    Praise God for the wonderful things He has done!!! We are believing for even greater things as God moves on behalf of Robbie and your entire family. God is faithful and He will complete the wonderful work that He has begun!! Know that your precious family is once again “Shining the Light” for the everyone to see! What an amazing testimony!!!

    Love & Continued Prayers,
    Tammy Fivecoat

  27. Stacey and Robbie,

    God is so good and awesome! I am so happy to hear that Robbie is doing so well. I was so very sorry to hear about the accident but I know that God is in complete and total control. Tell Robbie that I said that I will see him in church and at our reunion soon! I never worried about him because I just know that we served such a mighty and awesome God who has His Hand upon Robbie. Robbie rest my brother and Stacey you keep being the mighty wife, mother, and woman that God has made you into. I am happy to see the update and I look forward to seeing the continued updates. God bless to you guys!

    In Him,

  28. Sweet Stacey,
    Praise God for the wonderful things He has done!!! We are believing for even greater things as God moves on behalf of Robbie and your entire family. God is faithful and He will complete the wonderful work that He has begun!! Know that your precious family is once again “Shining the Light” for everyone to see! What an amazing testimony!!!

    Love & Continued Prayers,
    Tammy Fivecoat

  29. Dear Stacey,
    How sad we were to hear of Robbie’s accident last week. You have been on our heart’s since then. As we have been checking your messages everyday, it has been so encouraging to see Robbie’s progress, and your strength. Please know that you are continually in our prayers. what an example of God’s grace both of you are.
    Love to you,
    Bob and Ruth

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