Sorry to be brief, but here is the latest:

  • Surgery lasted a little over 6 hours.  They repaired his hip, pelvis, and foot.  They also cleaned out his wound in his back.
  • The major need right now is for his wound in his back to heal properly and not get infected.  They are most concerned with keeping this clean.  It is a very large wound and typically a slow-healing one.  This is our #1 request.
  • Kidney is being watched, but they are not overly concerned at this point.  The laceration may eventually heal itself and begin to function (pray for this!), they are monitoring it but not majoring on it.

I am headed to the hospital.  Last night before bed I called and he was resting comfortably.  They hope to remove his breathing tube today.  Please pray for breathing strongly and the ability to drink and hopefully eat.

Thank you all so much.  We are being held up by your prayers and encouragement.  We are overwhelmed.


P.S. We were told that Ted has sold out of bike lights.  Go get yours when he has more!!


28 thoughts on “Brief Update

  1. Hi Stacey,

    I went to school with Robbie and am so very sorry to hear of this horrible accident. You all are in my prayers for Robbie’s quick recovery and strength and patience for you and your family.

    Kindest Regards,


  2. Once again thanks for the updates Stacey…. so many of us feel so helpless as we can only pray and sit back to watch the Lord’s work in getting your Robbie back home.

    God Bless and Love Always-
    Kayce, Abby, Konner, & Kolton

  3. Stacey,

    We are praying for you, Robbie and the kids. I have been getting updates from Jarrod and he sent me this link today.
    Robbie has been in our thoughts continuously for the last several days. There are many people lifting you guys up right now and I know you feel God’s awesome presence.
    Tell Betsy Abby said Hi and hopes her Daddy gets better fast. Those were her words.


    The Johnson’s

  4. Hello Johnson Family! Our family is praying for each of you and we will focus on the specifics in your update…thanks for the update 🙂 Please let us know what your needs are for the kids and meals because so many of us want to help! Stacey, are you homeschooling everyone or just Nate? I will send up special prayers about this-for time and energy-for you! ~Tara

  5. Everyone at NEA CLINIC sends our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for one of our favorite reps, Robbie.

  6. Stacey,
    We are praying for Robbie and your entire family and we are praying specifically as you have requested.

    I just want you to know how blessed I have been by your updates and that in your own time of distress how your faith has shown through. The unselfishness in your prayers for others during this time, such as the man who hit Robbie (whom I am also praying for) and for the surgical team and doctors and nurses. So many times in our time of distress we forget to bless those who are caring for our loved ones and I just want you to know that you have ministered to me and, I’m sure, to others as well.

    I pray for God to sustain you and give you and Robbie supernatural strength for what lies ahead. We are believing for a quick recovery and for God to miraculous things in Robbie’s body. I pray that his pain will be relieved completely and we know that God can do that.

    If we can be of any help, in any way, please do not hesitate to call.

    Tim & Marsha Fry

  7. Dear Stacey, Robbie & family,

    My sincere thoughts and prayers are with each of you! I am praying for God’s healing, comfort & strength for Robbie and each of you.

    I am also “thanking” God for His Grace & Mercy and rejoicing that Robbie will be discharged from the hospital (prayerfully sooner than later) and coming back home with you. I believe our Father has great plans to use Robbie through this accident that will bring HIM honor and glory, and bless your lives (in time) in a very positive way.

    If there is any little thing I can do for you at anytime ever, please allow me to serve you in HIS NAME!

    Your Central Baptist Friend in Christ,

    Kristi Haynes

  8. Thank you for your continued updates! You all are constantly in our thoughts, and thus, in our prayers right now. You are both so special to us, and we wish we were closer so we could be there with you.
    Much love in Christ,

  9. Stacey,
    We will be moving Sara to an apartment in Memphis Saturday, if you need us to bring anything to you. Also, you are welcome to stay there if you need a place to stay. It is not very far from downtown on Union. She will only stay Saturday night and then be back in Jonesboro until the next Friday or Saturday. Just let us know if you need anything or need to stay there. My cell is 931-2666 and Sara’s is 926-4048.
    Praying for all of you,
    Annette and Family

  10. Johnson family,
    Please know that we love you all and we are praying for the entire family. Thanks so much for the updates!

    Bro. Matt
    and the First Assembly of God Church family

  11. Stace-
    Praying for you guys! I can be there in a matter of hours if needed, so don’t hesitate to ask. We love you all bunches!

  12. Stacey,

    So thankful to hear that surgery went well. Will continue to pray for Robbie’s recovery, and for you and your children.

    Love and prayers,

  13. Dear Stacey

    We have been praying for your precious husband Robbie and the whole family during this difficult time. We are so sorry. Wish we were there to give you a big hug. We love you and miss you. Please know that we are asking the Father to show continued favor upon you, Robbie, the doctors, and the whole family. Please know we are here if we can do anything at all.

    Psalm 28:7
    The LORD is my strength and my shield;
    my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.
    My heart leaps for joy
    and I will give thanks to him in song.

  14. Thanks for the updates. We are in constant prayer for Robbie’s health and speedy recovery. Please let us know how we can specifically pray for him, you, and the kids. Emma has been asking about “Betsy’s daddy” a lot. Yesterday I caught her and Ellie kneeling beside their beds and praying aloud for Robbie. I know our Mighty God hears our prayers. May He sustain you and comfort you during this time.
    We love you all~
    Gary, Kristen, Emma, Ellie, Reed, & Grant

  15. Thanks for all the updates, Stacey. You continue to be in our prayers. Seems like everyone knows about Robbie’s accident—it’s been the topic around town everywhere I go! I know you are surrounded by support, but we would love to steal Betsy whenever she could use a playdate!

  16. Stacey,
    Michelle e mailed me to check the blog this morning. I am praying for you, Robbie and the kids. Girl, I know you are strong, and it sounds like you are doing as well as you possibly can be right now. I wish I could give you a big hug! Our family will be praying for Robbie’s recovery as well as comfort for you, Betsy and the boys.

  17. Thank You for the updates Stacey! You and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers all week and of course, will continue to be going forward. As I’m sure you have seen, your family is thought of very highly in the community, and we cannot wait to have you all back home. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you all in anyway.

    God Bless and Love Always,
    Michael, Kristie, & Ashley

  18. Stacey,
    Just heard about Robbie and found your site to read the updates. We are so sorry this happened. We are praying for a quick recovery for Robbie and for peace and grace for you and the kids during this difficult time. Miss you all and Jonesboro. Take care and I will continue to keep up with Robbie’s progress via your updates.

    Tim, Gretchen, Ben, and Sam Stewart

  19. “Whom have I in Heaven but you?
    And earth has nothing I desire but you.
    My flesh and my heart may fail me,
    but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

    Psalm 73:25-26

  20. Stacey,

    All of us at Family Practice Clinic in Paragould were shocked to hear of Robbie’s accident shortly after it happened. We’ve been keeping up though mutual friends and your website.

    Please let Robbie know that we are all thinking about him and keeping him and your entire family in our prayers. God bless and if there is anything we can do to help you guys just let us know!

    Tory Stallcup and everyone at FPC in Paragould

  21. We are praying for you all fervently. Let Robbie know that we are thinking about him and if there is anything that we can do, please let us know.
    Todd, Leigh Anne and the kids

  22. Hey Stacey

    I want you to know how just how many people are praying for you, your children, and Robbie at this time. His close call was so alarming and his recovery will be a difficult one. But I know he and you will persevere with God’s help. You are both such strong believers and I appreciate Robbie for his leadership in our class and the friendship that we have. It won’t be the same on our rides without Robbie guiding the way. ( I guess he’ll have to consult with us and tell our group what our route will be for that day) LOL. But he will get back and be fully recovered, I have no doubt of that. God has blessed him with a strong will. We will keep praying for peace of mind and full recovery.

    Craig, Andrea, Brock and Abigail Davis

  23. Just heard about Robbie – wanted you to know that we are praying for his recovery and your well-being during these days. We’ll continue to read the updates from you to know how to pray.

  24. Stacey,

    You seem to have plenty of prayers going out. All I can offer is my help for any needs around the house. You have problems…you need to call me.

    Bob Goodwin

  25. We at Batesville Family Practice are praying for Robbie’s full recovery. Please tell him we are thinking of him.

  26. Stacey,

    We have been praying for you, Robbie, and the kids. We know that God will continue to show Himself to be the awesome God that He is through it all. If there is anything that we can do to help, please let us know. We will have a special time of prayer for him with our kids at church this coming Sunday morning.

    In Christ,
    Tony & Angie

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