As many of you now know, Robbie was involved in a very serious accident today in which he was hit by a truck while riding his bike. 

This morning was very, very tense as his injuries were being assessed and plans were being made for his care.  He was eventually helicoptered to The Med in Memphis (a precious sign of God’s providence that I can explain later) and taken to their trauma unit.

I will admit that this day has been the scariest day of my life.  Ten years ago I found myself in the ICU of Children’s Hospital with our sweet daughter.  To have my husband lying in the bed this time has been more than I thought I could handle.  After the Lord Jesus, Robbie is everything to me.  We met as teenagers and married as young adults.  He is the greatest blessing in my life and is the best husband and father that anyone could have.  I am so humbled and amazed that God would give me such a gift. 

Right now I am staying with precious friends in Collierville for the night.  Robbie is stable and will be sedated in order to rest.  My kids are with my parents. Rob’s parents will be coming back in the morning.  The outpouring of prayers, calls, texts, and visits have once again overwhelmed us.  I don’t know how we will ever be able to thank all of you enough.  Please know that “we thank our God upon every rememberance of you!”  ( Phil. 1:3).

Here is where Robbie stands as of tonight (actually early this morning): 

  • A fractured pelvis which is going to need surgical repair, but is not as severe as was thought initially.
  • A fractured hip (sorry, can’t remember which side) which has broken fragments of bone imbedded inside.  This will require surgery to remove the bone fragments and repair the hip with a little ‘hardware.’
  • A lacerated kidney which has some bleeding and that they are watching.
  • Some vertebrae injuries in his lower back – lumbar region – these are not looking like they will require any surgery, but he will be in a “tortise shell” brace for awhile. 
  • A broken toe on his left foot.
  • A deep cut to his back.

Here’s what I would ask you to pray for:

  • First, thank our merciful Father for His grace and protection.  Even though Robbie is very seriously injured, it could have been so much worse, even fatal.  God graciously spared his life.
  • Please pray for the man who hit him.  I don’t know his name, but the police said he is very upset.  We forgive him.  It was a terrible accident.
  • Robbie’s cut to his back is serious and needs to stay clean to prevent infection.  The hard part is that moving him is challenging and excruciating for him.  Please pray that this cut will heal rapidly and that no infection will set in.
  • He has a pin in his right leg and it is in traction in order to take pressure of his hip.  Please pray that it will do what they need it to for his hip.
  • His kidney is of the most concern right now.  Please pray that it will begin to function again and stop any bleeding. 
  • Please pray that the surgery(ies) that he will face will be smooth and without complications.  Pray that the bone fragments will be successfully removed and that his pelvis will be repaired beautifully.
  • Pray that the vertebrae that are involved will heal normally and perfectly.
  • Pray for his toe – it hurts 🙂

Robbie has been coherent the entire day.  He has been such a wonderful patient.  We are so grateful to all of our friends in the medical field who have gone out of their way today in order to give Rob the wonderful care he has received.  He wants you all to know that he is awed and humbled by the compassion we have felt.

The kids are doing well.  God is giving them the grace to trust that Daddy is doing well and that the doctors are taking very good care of him.  Nevertheless, it is hard for them to be at home while I am over here.  Please pray for their peace and comfort knowing that Daddy is in his heavenly Father’s hands.

I will try to update my blog when I get the chance, but I’m not sure how often that will be.  This format cannot begin to communicate our overwhelming gratitude for the love that has been shown to us.  Your prayers are being felt and they are carrying us.  God bless you!



18 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Prayers

  1. Stacey,
    Scott and I are praying for you guys constantly and know that you are in God’s hands. I admire your strength and never-ending faith through this situation! I will pray that God will sustain you both through this journey ahead. We love you guys!

  2. Hey, Stacey. I haven’t met you yet, but have read your emails through the CHE loop. My family has been praying for Robbie since we heard about the accident. It shook us up, because my husband rides a lot, too. I like that he wants to stay in shape, but at the same time, I worry for his safety. This will definitely remind him to take the extra precautions!

    Just wanted you to know that we are praying….

  3. Stacey,

    Please know that you, Robbie and your whole family are in our prayers.

    Dennis and Patti Abell

  4. Praise the Lord that helmets were invented and Robby knows that the Father above has him cradled in his arms!!! Blake and I are praying for you all.

  5. Hey Stacey,
    Praying for y’all! So thankful for God’s outpouring of grace through it all.


  6. We learned of Robbie’s accident and want both of you to know that we are thinking of him and hoping and praying that all turns out well for him. We will miss seeing him until he gets back to Batesville.

    Dr. Davidson, Dr. Bernard, and all the girls

  7. Stacey,

    Janice Fletcher called and told me about Robbie. I want you to know that William and I are keeping Robbie and your family in our prayers. I have also emailed everyone from our graduating class to let them know that you need their prayers as well. Please know that we are thinking about you.

  8. Stacey,
    My heart is so very tender for you, Robbie, the kids,your parents, Robbie’s parents,etc. This is a most difficult time, but praise God is has all been filtered through His hands. You have already seen His great provision of grace on your behalf. We will continue to keep you in prayer as you walk out this journey. Please find the words to this song as a comfort- it has been a prayer of mine for the last 6 years as I have walked the journey of cancer. In the deepest corner of my soul,
    A raging storm stronger than I’ve ever known, All alone in the moaning of the wind I hear you say.
    “Be still my child, for you must know I am the Father of your Heart. It is I who goes before you on this journey.”
    Through the dark, still it’s hard for me to see, and harder still to believe; Help me now to give YOU every part.
    Father of my heart, source of my devotion, save me from the storm of my emotion; hide me in Your love. In Your hand, Father of Heart.
    Father of My Heart- Fernando Ortega 1990

    Each step of the way God will go before you—PRAISE HIS WONDERFUL NAME. HE WILL BE GLORIFIED.
    Love and Prayers always,
    Lora Mason and family

  9. Stacey,
    You are ALL in our prayers!!!! Our hearts broke as we heard the news yesterday. Please tell the children how Megan and Max Timothy are thinking about them and praying for their Daddy to be okay. Max Timothy couldn’t sleep last night and wanted to stay up and keep praying for the Stephen’s Dad. All of our extended family and close friends from other places are praying too. You have touched our family through your strength, character, and unfailing faith. You both set such an example in your daily everyday life. Please, please know we are available to help w/children at any time–any or all three. I’ll be in touch w/your Mom. Take care. We love you all.
    Max, Jennifer, Megan, Max Timothy and Ella Dacus

  10. Stacey,
    We love you all and are in constant prayer not just for Robbie but for each one of you. Wish we could be there to physically lift you up in prayer in person but be comforted by the fact that if prayer is lifting you up you and Robbie are out of this world.
    Isaiah 41:10 always gives me comfort in difficult times. It reads ” So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold youwith my righteous right hand.”
    Not only are we lifting you guys up our God is holding you up with His Righteous right hand.
    IN Christ’s love,
    Dustan and Amy Gammill

  11. Stacey,

    My wife and I have you in our prayers as we both now how it is to have someone so close being in so much pain. We live in Collierville and if you or your family need anything please contact us we may not be able to do much but we are here if you need us.

    Matthew and Amanda Lewis

  12. Stacey,

    Bryan and I are praying for Robbie, you, the kids, their caretakers and the driver of the vehicle. Thank you for the update. We love you guys.


  13. I am so sorry to hear about Robbie’s accident. I’ll definitely be praying for Robbie, your children and especially you. Please keep us updated on his progress.

  14. Stacy I can not even begin to say anything that will make things better… I do know that when faith is all we are holding on to, that is when we see what God can do through us!! You have a wonderful family and I hope you know that your Sunday School family loves you that much too!! As soon as you see what it is we can do… let us know. I have a list of those ready to keep your children and get meals over to you!!!!!!! We love you and your family bunches and hope you will let us show you and yours how much!!
    Love you and will continue to pray for you,

  15. So sorry to hear this! I just found your blog today and know that God is with you during this trying time.

    He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all we could ever ask or think! Stand strong in your faith!

  16. Stacey:

    It was so good to see you. I am still praying for protection around his wound and peace/rest for you.

    If you want to bring over family for Fri, Sat, Sun, the offer is still available. Contact me to discuss details if this is something you want to do. You may call my cell 901.491.4155 or home 901.753.3973.

    I am here, too, if you need me to come and stay with you. Much love and prayers.

  17. hey robbie and stacey,

    i just wanted to send a little note just to let you know that we are thinking about you.

    you are greating missed but i know you are where you need to be to get the best care. i can’t wait for you to come home so i can have someone to talk to about movies!! it’s pretty boring without you to talk to.

    i wish you a speeding recovery. i know you are probably disappointed about missing your mission trip but i think god has already found a new mission for you. just to bad he had to get your attention this way!!

    hope to see you soon,
    tim and stephanie johnson

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