You may have already caught the interview on Good Morning America with Stephen and Mary Beth Chapman about the loss of their daughter Maria.  If you didn’t, here it is.  I could so relate to what Mary Beth said about just wanting your daughter back.  If God uses your experience in the lives of others, so be it, but you are always a mom (and dad) who misses your sweet child. Even though it’s been 10 years for us, that pain remains. The Chapman family will be on Larry King Live tomorrow night (Thursday, 8-7-08).  They continue to need our prayers. 

P.S. on 8-7-08:  The interview on Larry King was amazing.  Though visibly emotional and at times struggling, the family brought glory and honor to Christ as they shared why they grieve, but with hope.  It was truly filled with the grace & strength of the Lord.


4 thoughts on “Grieving with Hope

  1. I saw both interviews, and couldn’t help but to sit in awe of that family as well as our gracious God. I also thought of you and Robbie, and the hope you have shown through your own loss. You are a living example of God’s grace. Your lives radiate a hope that could only be from above!

  2. Marsha,

    Didn’t they make God look good? Thanks for your kind words. At times it was hard to watch the interviews, but we sure could relate to the things they were saying. I like what Mary Beth Chapman said on Larry King. She said that they may have fallen and hit bottom flat on their faces, but the foundation on which they landed is solid. We appreciate yours & Eric’s friendship through all of these years.

  3. Thank you for letiing us know about the Larry King interview. Matthew and I watched with tears. What tremendous faith and trust in God. What seems so unfair at times is that those whom God counts worthy are the ones who go through these trials. It is so hard to ‘Count it joy when we face struggles…”, but thank you guys for choosing to do this in your life and sharing it with others. We love and miss you all. amy

  4. Hey, Just wanted to thank you for including the GMA interview with the Chapman family. They were all so eloquent in communicating how they grieve with hope, something we have each lived.
    I have often times felt as if I didn’t have the words to communicate how God ministered to me in the loss of Allison; how He literally opened the floodgates of heaven and continually poured out His words of peace, comfort, encouragement and hope, amidst such dark days.
    THanks again for sharing!

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