I know it’s a little weird to get excited about a laundry room, but I am.  In our old house, we have slowly remodeled it room by room and we’re never really done.  We just finished our laundry room after patiently waiting a long time!  My parents graciously gave us some unfinished wood planks that we painted with porch paint to withstand the high traffic.  It’s done except for the window treatment and a verse that is special to our family – Robbie says it every night at bedtime over the kids and me.  It’s the “blessing” verse from Numbers 6:24-25.  I ordered it from www.wallwords.com and I am going to put it above our back door so that we can read it when we leave the house.   The shelves came from www.ikea.com and they are so great!  Anyway, I now love being in my laundry room, which is good since I’m in there a lot!





2 thoughts on “Laundry Room

  1. That looks great! Isn’t it so fun to get all organized? It’s one of my greatest feelings of accomplishment! Congrats!

  2. I love it! I really like the wall color too!

    The “blessing” in Numbers is very special to us as well. Our pastor says it over all of us at the conclusion of our service each week. He’s from South Africa, and he has us hold out our hands (palms up) as he speaks it. Sort of like we’re receiving it while he’s speaking. The refrain that we say after he speaks is “We receive this blessing, that we might be a blessing.”

    I’m sorry I didn’t call you while I was in town. I always have these grand plans of what I hope to do, but in reality, time is short and sweeter spent with family. I did see R & A for a bit, and that was nice, but things weren’t on the scale I had envisioned when I first mentioned the idea to all of you.

    Hope you’re having a great summer!

    Oh…we went to the Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center while there. That was very neat! Have you been there?

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