Well, summer is in full swing around here and we are enjoying sleeping later, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and other fun stuff.  We are still working hard, though.  Nate is mowing a few yards and we are doing some minor remodeling jobs around the house that we have been putting off.  All in all, not a bad way to start.  Here are some pictures of some stuff we’ve had going on lately…. (for some reason, the pictures got spaced too much and I can’t seem to fix it.  Scroll down to see them all).

Nate got a state recognition award in Little Rock for his high score on the ACT test as a 7th grader!  










Stephen was excited to get a new skateboard for his birthday – this one is the real deal according to him.









 Betsy graduated from kindergarten and will miss her sweet teacher, Ms. Janice.















Robbie, the boys, and Rob’s brother Kyle got to see Randy Johnson pitch against the Braves.  The Braves won in the bottom of the ninth with the count 3-2!
















One thought on “Recent Happenings

  1. Hi Stacey…

    Your summer sounds like it’s off to a fun start.

    Ummm…I believe I know Betsy’s teacher, Ms. Janice. How funny is that??

    I don’t think I left you a comment on your post about the birds in your nest, but that was a really beautiful piece!

    Hope you’re enjoying a long, lazy day!


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