By now, most people have heard the tragic news of the death of Maria Sue Chapman, 5 year-old daughter of Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth.  It is such a heartbreaking story and the added sadness over the fact that her brother was driving the vehicle makes it so much worse.  I am sure his heart is just crushed and he needs so much prayer for grace.  Robbie and I have met SCC twice (I know he doesn’t remember) and he is such a humble, meek man.  His music has ministered to us and inspired us for so many years.  You can hear the clear gospel and biblical message in his music. 

As we approach the 10-year mark since we lost our precious Abigail (June 8th), we weep with the Chapman family.  Nobody imagines that when you take your vows of “til death do us part” it will mean the death of one of your children before either of you.  It is a pain unlike any other.  The only comfort is in knowing that our gracious God holds little Maria in heavenly perfection and her family will see and hold her again, as we will with Abby.  I echo the apostle John in saying, “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.”


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