This Mother’s Day we traveled to Tennessee to visit my grandmother and the rest of my mom’s side of the family.  My Tae Tae (don’t ask what that is, it just started when I was little) is a wonderful, godly woman that has been through so much and has taught me so much throughout my life.  She and I are very much alike in what we enjoy doing and how we think.  Throughout my life I have spent time with her picking blackberries, cooking, playing the piano, crafting, or simply talking out on the back porch.  Those times make up some of my sweetest memories and I am thankful to the Lord for keeping her into my adult life and allowing her to see my own children grow up.  She has experienced many health-related issues in recent years and God has been gracious to restore her to health.  I love you, Tae Tae!

My mom has taught me so much and I appreciate her love and friendship.  I am grateful that I have this picture of the most important women (and young woman) in my life!


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