For the last several days our family and our nextdoor neighbors have been quietly observing a bird’s nest built on top of our shared fence.  At first, there was only one beautiful, blue robin’s egg (one of my absolutely favorite colors) in the perfectly shaped nest.  As each day went by, one of the kids or parents would peek into the nest and notice another egg.  There are now four sweet little eggs in the nest that we all watch, but don’t touch, each day – as soon as the kids are home from school they want to check and see how the eggs are doing.  Out of my patio doors I can see the mother sitting on her eggs, attentively watching all around to protect them from danger.  She lands on the nest, gives herself a little fluff, and gently settles down to keep her babies warm and allow them to grow. 

Watching this mother has caused me to think about God’s amazing creation.  God gave her the ability to create her nest.  Its “walls” are tall enough to protect the eggs from falling out, and the pine needles, mud, and leaves are arranged so that even the rain doesn’t fill it up, but instead allows it to drain out and stay dry.  In time, we will see these little birds emerge from their eggs, but there will be predators who want to harm them (unfortunately our kitty is one of them).  In time, when they are ready, they will fly away and be gone. 

I realize that I’m not the only one who sees the many parallels in the mommy robin and human mothers.  It has just caused me to reflect upon my own role as the mommy robin in my own nest.  I often worry about what kind of job I am doing with my little birds.  God gently reminds me that He gave these ones to me because He believes I am the best one for the job, no matter how inadequate I feel.  Just like the mommy robin, He has given me the instincts to care for my children and their welfare.  He has given me His word as the food to feed them and help them grow in Him.  I want the walls of our nest to be safe.  The physical appearance of my nest isn’t as important as the strength of it.  Are the walls of love, acceptance, loyalty, discipline, and trust built to withstand the enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy them?  It has and will rain on our little nest, but is it built so that the rain doesn’t fill it up but drains out, leaving us safe and dry?

Oh, how I desire that my children be holy, Christ-exalting, faithful, loyal followers of His.  My prayer for all Christian mothers this year is that in times of doubt we will trust our Creator who gave us our little birds and equips us to care for them.  And that when the time is right, they will fly out of our nests and soar to the heights for His glory.









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