During a storm in our area last week, our primary computer was apparently struck by lightening and currently seems to be terminally ill.  We are working to either repair or replace it, but until then I won’t be able to blog very often or post pictures.  I am using Rob’s work laptop to check email, etc. 

It is so frustrating when you realize how much you depend on your computer and it’s not working.  It’s so embarrassing when you realize just how much time you spend on it.  I have actually gotten more done since it went down because I know I couldn’t get on it if I wanted to.  Maybe it’s a good lesson to learn.  If losing all my files, pictures, addresses, itunes library, and email files is the worst that happens, I’ll be ok.  I’ve experienced worse and this is nothing compared to that.  Hopefully, I’ll be back online soon with a better balance of my time spent on the computer versus more productive time doing the things that God has called me to do.  Please stand by…


2 thoughts on “We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties….

  1. Feel free to email us at any time for an update on any of the following:

    T4G (live blogging from the conf on Challies.com)
    Justin Taylor
    Pyromaniacs (still hammering on contextualization)
    Truth for Life (I don’t know, didn’t listen today)
    Challies.com (Band of Bloggers, getting together with JT, PJ, and Thabiti at t4g)

    PS: Amy works at SilverPeak Computing, just a suggestion . . .

  2. Stacy

    Read your blog on your computer bering struck by lighting. Just was wondering if all yoour computer gear is on a battery back up surge protection system. Well worth the imvestment of around 100 dollars or so. Call if I can help.


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