A confession:  I am a wimp when it comes to snow.  I don’t really like cold weather.  I need sunshine.  I don’t get giddy when it snows and I don’t know how I would survive in a region that had long, snowy winters.  My poor kids – I am a snowday party pooper because I don’t really want to get out in it.  It’s pretty, though, and I do enjoy all the cozy things that go along with it like hot chocolate and staying in to watch movies, read, and play games.  We got our first big and (I hope) last snow of the season today.  It was predicted to start last night and my kids were positive we wouldn’t go to school today.  Robbie and I explained to them that we have lived here a long time and if they say we are getting snow, you better go ahead and get ready for the next day anyway!  Well, sure enough, we woke up this morning to….nothing.  The kids were so disappointed.  We all got up and going as usual, then at around 9:30 the snow moved in and we began picking up kids.  Typical Arkansas weather  – I’m really ready for Spring!snowy-leaves.jpgsnowy-leaves.jpg



One thought on “Is It Spring Yet?

  1. Your snow is beautiful!

    I get tired of the long winters here. I’m usually sick of snow by February, and sadly, it keeps snowing here thru May. I always take a photo of my kids on their last day of school, and last year they were wearing their winter coats and hats because it was snowing on May 23!!!

    Don’t worry though, you’ll soon be wearing tank tops and flip flops!

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